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ALL MAC FAMILY! almost....

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by hugemullens, Apr 29, 2003.

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    So a year and a half ago i switched. Everyone i know loved my powermac, my best friend got an ibook, my girlfriend just bought the new 800mhz cdrom ibook, then 4 months ago we found a 733 quicksilver in the paper, my mom took a chance and fell in love with it. Well since then i have added a powerbook, and my mom just replaced her work toshiba with a 12 inch powerbook too! We are now a 4 mac family (5 if you count the girlfriend)! we still have an old viao desktop and my sister just got a viao laptop for graduation, but she wasnt computer savy and going to college, it was best to leave her as compitable as possible. Thats all folks! just wanted to share, i know apple is headed the right way, people see a mac, use a mac and they want a mac.
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    so true, so true.......

    Congrats on your conversions. :D
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    Re: ALL MAC FAMILY! almost....

    Make her switch as soon as she can mate...i've got my iBook and work in a college : NO COMPATIBILITY problems so far...i assume your sister already loves Apple computers...she'll be moving by herself...
    take care dudes
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    welcome to the light
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    congrats! maybe your sister will evetually switch, too! :)

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