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    hi guys, I need some advice.

    After traveling abroad and often missing internet connection, I feel it's the time to buy an app giving me the wikipedia dump always available.

    From my searches, just all of wiki and wiki offline offer this on the Ipad (not talking about reading some selected articles offline, but about the whole of WP) do you know about any others?

    Since the price is not low, ~ 9-10$ each, I wanted to hear if somebody had experience with it, and your advice


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    You can use a "websucker" to download the whole site, for free.

    But, that must be huge, any idea how big it is?
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    Feb 19, 2010
    sorry, forgot to add:
    I'm talking about Ipad apps.
    From what I read, the two apps I mentioned download a dump between 3.5GB and 5GB on your device.
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    Sorry, my bad, didn't look at the where the thread is located.(iPad Apps):eek:

    You might find such an App, search for "Download whole website App iPhone" in google, you get hits.

    Edit: Or search for offline reader App iPhone
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    Jun 5, 2013
    How about...

    Hi - creator of minipedia here :)

    Have you tried Minipedia - Offline Encyclopedia (Wikipedia Reader)?

    I like All of Wiki and Wiki Offline, but minipedia is quite different! Instead of offering the whole encyclopedia, we select the most important (most popular, most read) articles.

    We've put a lot of love in the app, hope you will like it.

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