Alternate browser showdown!

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What browser do you use most often?

  1. Atomic

  2. iCab

  3. Mercury

  4. Other Alternative

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  5. I stick with Safari

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    What is your favorite alternative browser and why?
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    Atomic Web, because it’s easy to use and is loaded with features. Also, it’s easy to go from Safari to it, since you can load bookmarks.

    Skyfire if I ever need a website with flash.
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    Safari because I haven't tried any of the others
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    atomic browser is really good, but i always go back to safari because it's the built in browser.

    i hate safari's way to handle tabs, but i just installed GridTab from cydia to make the tab handling like iPad, much better, not as good as atomic way though, but it's better than the original way of handling.
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    safari as im so used to it and didn't really take to the others
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    I've used Mercury, but it has some serious functionality issues that keep me from using it regularly.

    I like the UI, and the inclusion of gestures. But some of the gestures don't work, and there doesn't appear to be a way to manage saved pages. In fact, the only way I've been able to delete saved pages is to completely reinstall the app.
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    I use Atomic. I can't live without the tabs. You can also import your bookmarks from Safari, which makes it super easy to adapt to.
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    Atomic, I love the tabs and the ad block is amazing!
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    Opera Mini (eventhough that it isn't technically a browser), just to save data roaming costs when I'm abroad.
    For the rest I just stick with Safari
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    The only "alternate" browser I would be interested in is one that doesn't use Apple's rendering engine - i.e. one that isn't going to be allowed on the App Store.
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    if you are jb'd you can get browser changer from cydia and make atomic (or any other browser) the default. i never open safari anymore with this tweak.

    i prefer atomic cause of adblock, always in full screen (thx to fs buttons & gestures), much better tab mgmnt, browser agents, and prob something else i can't think of now.
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    Opera Mini
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    I would love Opera Mini, except it doesn't support retina. Can you say killing flaw?
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    I use Safari - I like the integration, and I like the way the interface behaves and acts like it's part of the rest of the system.

    I have Atomic Browser (thank you for the free code, you guys :)) and Opera Mobile - out of the two I like Atomic the best), but they lack the same polish that Safari has. Atomic is a great alternative, don't get me wrong, but given that I'm forced to have Safari I'd rather have Safari and just one browser app on my iPhone.

    Opera Mobile is lousy all the way around. I think it has a poor interface and slow loading even the most basic pages (even though they tout it as fast).
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    Yeah that a huge miss. But I think they will catch up. Photohop just added Retina support recently.

    I use Safari for general surfing, but when I need sheer speed I use Opera Mini. Also nice when I am aproaching my data limit and need to ration the megabytes. ;)

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