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Alternative app to Notes for iPad, iPhone and Mac

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by gusbemac, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Hello everybody,

    Good afternoon,

    I'm not happy with my app Notes, in spite of being good app. But I'm not satisfied with Notes for some reasons:

    1) At Mac, Notes supports any styles of fonts (for example, regular, bold and italic and font sizes, but at iPad, Notes doesn't support them, it reduced the big sizes of fonts and became everything bold.
    2) At Mac, Notes supports any images. But at iPad, Notes replaced the images as one clip icon attached.

    I know you would recommend me Evernote, but in spite of being free and excellent app, Evernote's storage plans are paid and I don't have credit card. It doesn't accept PayPal. I want to get 2 to 5GB of storage.

    I'm looking for an app alternative which be available for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. Maybe it can be available for Windows, Android and Linux too.

    I want an app which:
    a) syncs the files to iPad, iPhone, Mac or any devices.
    b) supports the three styles - regular, bold and italic.
    c) supports the images
    d) supports many fonts and changing the font

    Thank you all!

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    Evernote is the app you need. It's free in the App Store.
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    Yes, I know, only you didn't read with attention my advise about Evernote in the former comment. Evernote's storages are paid. It limits only 350MB, I want 2 or 5 GB, but I have to pay one 1GB for 50 dollars/year. And I don't have credit card.

    If my premium account will expire in a year, I'll lost 1GB and will be reduced to 350MB and my notes and documents will be removed.
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    I was going to say Evernote also since I have recently fallen in love with it. Have you thought about Dropbox for the storage?
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    I have free more than 3GB storage of Dropbox, but I don't know if I can upload and sync the documents from Evernote to Dropbox and from Dropbox to Evernote.
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    I'm pretty sure you can... Google it :)
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    And about Notability?

    I found Notability app for iPad, but not for Mac


    Unfortunately it's not available for Mac.

    Have you tested this app? Is it good app? No limit of storages?

    I tested Notebooks that is available for iPad, Mac, Android and PC, but it doesn't support inserting the images.

    I tested Notably, but it doesn't support inserting the images either. Notably isn't available for Mac and PC.

    I analysed Notefile which is available for iPad and Mac, but it seems not to support inserting the images and the styles.
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    To add the features for these apps

    Do you think the team of Notably app will accept the suggestions of adding a feature of inserting the images and developing an app for Mac? And the team of Notability will accept the feature of inserting the image to the app?
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    Evernote is the best option (yes, I read what you said, but there were some misunderstandings).

    (1) It is $5 per month / $45 per year.
    (2) 1 month of Premium = 1GB upload allowance, so 12GB per year of PERMANENT storage (remains even if you revert to Free)
    (3) If you do not have a credit card, give $45 to someone who does, and they can get you a 1 year gift certificate.
    (4) Buy an Evernote Moleskine notebook and get three months free of Premium
    (5) If you want just 5 GB, then pay for just 5 months. After you revert to Free, you will still have the 5GB of data. It doesn't go away.
    (6) Be patient -- Evernote Free allows 60 MB per month of uploads. Eventually you will reach 5GB.
    (7) As of 2009, Evernote accepts payments via PayPal (unless something I do not know about has changed).
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    TopXNotes is one alternative

    TopXNotes 2 (for Mac) is coming this year and will allow images within notes and allow drag positioning of them so you can have a caption under the image, for instance. And TopXNotes 2 has many other options not found on other note management programs, especially in the flexibility of managing fonts, size, colors (emphasis, font and background), security and display. TopXNotes Mac currently has WiFi sync to TopXNotes touch. The touch app is a little less limited in fonts but we are constantly upgrading it. And TopXNotes HD is one the way too. Hope you will take a look at the free trial at: www.tropic4.com.
    JL, Tropical
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    TopXNotes isn't available for iPad

    TopXNotes touch isn't available for iPad :-(
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    Could you use Evernote for your notes then use the new mega site (megaupload) for storage? Sorry not familiar with Evernote just a suggestion.
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    Sure. Notes in Evernote and attachments in Dropbox or somewhere else would work fine. I do something similar because I am using an MBA and don't want to use up my storage.

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