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Alternative Email Client Sparrow Acquired by Google

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Alternative email client Sparrow has been acquired by Google. From Sparrow's website:
    Sparrow originally launched on the Mac, but an iPhone version was released earlier this year. Leca also said that Sparrow's products will continue to be made available with "support and critical updates", but Sparrow does not plan to release new features. There's no word whether Push email support -- promised earlier this year -- will make its way to the iOS app or if that has been pushed aside.

    Late last year, Google released an iOS Gmail app which was received poorly by users. Google issued this statement on the acquisition, but wouldn't divulge details of the purchase:
    Update: The Verge says Sparrow was acquired for "under $25 million" and that there was no bidding war for the company.

    Article Link: Alternative Email Client Sparrow Acquired by Google
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    Well it was good! What will happen.
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    Bad email app acquires good email app. Hopefully a win for consumers
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    Congrats to those lot.

    Why did Apple pass them up? Only heard good things about them.
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    Quite unexpected. Sparrow was one of the best third-party e-mail clients... I wonder why Google acquired them given their browser-centric mindset.
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    I don't use Sparrow, but it's certainly exciting. My guess is that Google ditches the paid version, and uses their ad platform over the existing ads on the free version, eventually becoming the default Gmail desktop client.
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    I'm sorry, but with this move, I can't use Sparrow. I'm not a fan of Google's tactics, now they can more closely monitor our emails.
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    :p I really hope they keep updating the mac version, instead of moving it to gmail only.
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    Apple does not need two desktop clients.
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    Sparrow is great. All I wish and pray for is that Google doesn't do to Sparrow what Twitter did to Tweetie.
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    Sparrow eaten by eagle...
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    How can they be any closer if they're already your email provider?
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    Dang! Apple should have bought them when they had the chance!
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    Good for them. Nice to see hard work rewarded with a big payday.
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    Small White Car

    Well, there goes the dream of a good, small-company, independent e-mail app.

    I never even used it but this seems kind of sad.

    I wonder if Google will end up replacing their terrible iOS G-Mail app with this or if they'll live side-by-side for some unknown reason.
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    And at this news, an angel cried.

    The only way I can see this turning out good is if Google used Sparrow as the base app for them to build off of instead of having the Sparrow people help fix the current Google app. I hope this actually ends up improving the Gmail web interface, but history makes me think it'll just be the end of another good company. :(
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    There was a time when Google made awesome software, and any project that they took on I was hopeful about. I still respect most of Google's software, but at some point in the last few years I started hanging my head lower and lower when they bought someone out. Without thinking about it, I have started lumping them in with Microsoft and Yahoo as giant companies that I hope never purchases my favorite software company.

    To be fair, I wouldn't want Apple owning many of my favorite software companies either, but Apple doesn't generally buy brand companies, and opts for ones you've never heard of, or don't even have a product on the market yet. Certainly Apple isn't doing that to make me happy, but when I hear a company is about to be bought out, my fear is not that it's Apple.
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    You being on the internet is being monitored. Get over that Google monitors your stuff...
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    Well, that sucks. Google has an unfortunate history of killing most of its acquisitions. :eek: :(
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    I hope this doesn't delay/cancel the iPad release.
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    oh no :/

    Time to get back with Mail.app I guess.
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    Bird poop
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    All major providers have access to your email info. It can't be avoided, except to go off the grid.
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    It's called integration, friend.

    Or simply: Apple acquires Sparrow. Apple incorporates Sparrow's design and feature improvements over Mail, into Mail. Apple's Mail thus becomes better.

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