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Alternative iPhone Activations: No Contract, Widescreen iPod / Wifi

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 1, 2007.

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    It's been well publicized that the iPhone requires a 2 year contract for activation, and that the other iPhone functions (iPod, Internet) are unusable without proper activation.

    That hasn't stopped people from trying to activate the iPhone otherwise, or to get an off-contract plan.

    No Contract

    Earlier reports from AT&T documentation revealed that iPhone would be offered with "Pick Your Plan" contractless rates for customers who don't pass the required credit check.

    The catch for these Pre-Paid plans is that the Pick Your Plan monthly rates offer significantly fewer voice minutes than the 2-year standard plans. So, the only users that should be actively interested in this option would be those who plan to use very few voice minutes and wish to remain contractless.

    TUAW provides the "work around" to qualify for the Pre-Paid option. Simply enter "999-99-9999" as your social security number during activation.

    Widescreen iPod / Wifi

    For those interested in simply having a Widescreen iPod and probable Wifi with no mobile phone, Gizmodo posts unconfirmed instructions on how to do so. Again, these are unconfirmed so you should proceed at your own risk. (And you need 2 iPhones)


    Efforts are underway to try to create an unlocked iPhone. Despite some claims on the internet, there's been no evidence that this has been successfully accomplished.
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    Interesting that the gizmodo method yields an iPhone that only acts as an iPod. What would prevent you from using WiFi?
  3. arn
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    Sorry... my bad. I don't see any reason why the Wifi wouldn't work.

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    From what I understand from reading the article, it doesn't seem that they actually know this will work. It's just speculation I think.
  5. arn
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    Actually, I got the same submission from the guy and he said "I accidently figured out how to unlock an iPhone for use without charge from AT&T, but with full support of the phones features including WiFi (but no AT&T service)."

    And gave those instructions. So not just a theory. A claim. :) But I'd still proceed at your own risk.

  6. yzp
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    how can you unlock an iPhone? unlocking proceess is in my opinion, a kinda hack...

    iPhone runs on macosX... macosX is pretty hard to hack... so iPhone is!
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    iPhone on AT&T but WITHOUT a data plan?

    What I want to know is if I can get the iPhone to work as a phone (on att service) but NOT sign up for the data plan. I realize that this will mean I won't get EDGE internet access, but frankly I don't want it, I'll use WiFi.
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it illegal to knowingly give out a false social security number? Or maybe it's just illegal in certain circumstances. Anyway, not something I'd ever try.
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    Queston: If you cancel AT&T do you lose the activation fee? I know within 30 days you can get out of the contract.

    Whatever the case, once you cancel, an you put the phone on a new account? I might try to get the pay as you go?
  10. arn
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    Data plan is required from my understanding.

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    Hey this actually works! i tried it on my brother's iphone. However, it is illegal to give out a false social sec. number, so i would be weary of doing it again....
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    Yes but couldn't you cancel the data plan right after?
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    I Don't Quite Understand The Instructions Arn

    I'm confused about the last few steps of the instructions. :confused:

    Could you elaborate on them? I don't exactly understand which phone gets hooked up when with what number from where. Does this mean we have to buy 2 iPhones to get one working as an iPod and Wi-Fi micro Mac with no monthly fees? How do we get rid of the one we have to activate before the other one works without a plan? :confused:
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    So realistically, it costs $1000/$1200 to get an iPhone minus the phone? Or can you return the 1st phone and keep the 2nd after you've already "activated" the 2nd phone??
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    doubt it would be a problem

    1. not everyone has a social security #
    2. 999-999-9999 is an obvious fake so if apple accepts it for more than 1 person(everyone's # is different) than its thier own fault
    3. prepay would be a cool option, not sure if att prepay plan allows web browsing though
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    within 14 days you can return it, you pay 10% restock fee
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    hi guys!
    I want to buy an iPhone but I dont want a 2 years contract and i dont want At&t so can i user the prepaid option with that social security number select a plan and then cancel it? how can i do that? calling to at&t or with itunes?
    I would be very happy just using the ipod and wifi
  18. arn
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    :) It's not the most practical solution.

    Rereading it, it seems maybe #7 should read:

    "7.) Plug in iPhone #2, it will unlock [Phone #1] for use, but without a cell phone number assigned or account from AT&T."

    but I've sent out an email to the author to verify. I didn't really think anyone would do it, but thought it was interesting as it's the only info about this possibility. I'll post more as I get it.

  19. arn
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    There are two separate issues.

    1) If you do the 99-999-999 social security number, you can jump to a non-contracted plan. That does mean you still have to pay $60+/month for service + internet. If you stop paying the $60/mo, your phone (+ wifi) will stop working.

    2) Alternatively, someone posted convoluted instructions on how to get the iPhone activated (wifi+ipod) without a cell phone number -- but it's a non-practical solution.

    At this time, there is no practical way at this time to use an iPhone as an iPod+Wifi device without paying a monthly fee of $60+.

  20. Ugg
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    You would have to pay the first month's charges of $50.

    At this point, there's no confirmation that wifi will work without an active phone. I'd hold off until somebody actually confirms it.
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    Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if someone captured the data stream from the method mentioned here to create the activated but numberless iPhone and then made a program to output that data at will. In short, the program might then be able to create an unlimited number of activated iPhones. Spread it around the Net and Apple's plan to force people to use AT&T in order to just use the iPhone for WiFi Internet might just be thwarted. Of course, I'd need to know more information about the process to even have an idea if that would work, but I'm personally all for customers have the choice to do what they want with the products they buy, not corporations telling them what they can and cannot do with something they purchased and rightfully own. Apple would still get their iPhone sales, but the consumer wouldn't necessarily have to keep paying AT&T $60+ a month when all they really want is an iPod with WiFi Net access.
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    But if i follow all the steps of prepaid then I cancel the account in the moment, can I do it?? or its impossible and I'll have to wait a month taking the risk that maybe my phone is not going to work..
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    the sooner these get unlocked succesfully the sooner i can buy one here in the UK :D please hurry up US guys!
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    waiting like you but in mexico..hehehe
    hurry up!
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    What happens when you take out the SIM in an activated phone?

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