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Alternative to Snapseed?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by aperry, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Months ago I produced a series of photos with various Snapseed filters applied and the results were quite impressive. The quality and usability of Snapseed are what sold me on it.

    Recently my parents asked if I could process a couple of their photos in the same way. I was surprised and disappointed that the Snapseed "vintage" filter is completely broken in iOS6 (confirmed by the app store reviews). Without this it's kind of useless for what I need.

    With Google acquiring them, I'm expecting that this won't be fixed anytime soon. Can anyone recommend a similar app? I'm interested in simple ways to add high-quality effects in the "vintage/grunge/grain" realm, as well as organic borders.

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    Camera+ has some good filters.
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    Try Photoforge2.
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    How is it broken? Works fine on the iPad.

    Photo forge isn't bad but I love camera+.

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