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Alternatives to Speck Shell Case for 11" ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by OSMac, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Well there's the clear Speck shell case.

    I have the satin/matte black one on my Air and it doesn't add too much bulk/weight and it solves the hinge 'issue' (can't open with one hand easily b/c the bottom lifts up). Quite like it.

    Haven't noticed any other similar cases yet (all the other 11" Air cases seem to be sleeves).
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    can you plug in the power cable both ways?
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    Yes you can. I have the see through satin black. Add no bulk and looks really smart as well
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    Yep. All the ports are accessible- both USB ports (even thicker items like 3G sticks) , earphone port, mic and MDP.
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    I have the clear one and it's very nice.
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    Incipio's Feather is Better than the Speck

    Incipio has come out with a case similar to Speck's case for the MacBook Air. This case is actually more "thinner" than the Speck case (I have both) and seems to be more user friendly to me. You can view them both at the link in my signature.
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    And that's what she said. Be careful, because if you plug it in the wrong way, the universe will be sucked into another dimension.

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