Alum Mighty Mouse to Accompany iMac/Mini Update?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by takeabyteoutta, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Who thinks it'll happen? Plus an alum Apple Remote now that they've made it an optional item to buy (with the laptops)
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    Won't happen

    Injection molds are expensive and as they're already built, they would be stupid to scrap them (aluminum would require either a stamping or casting). The remote is a possibility as it would require an extrusion and the remote is very close in cross section to the iPod Shuffle and previous gen Nano.
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    If it were made out of aluminum, how could you destroy it when you get mad at it? :)
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    Can you imagine hot and cold that thing could get?!?!?!?! OMG :D
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    I wish they would make one, but I doubt they will.
    The white mouse looks so out of place which is a big deal if one of the major reasons in getting an iMac is the design.
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    So how about black? It would match the "trim".
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    Maybe Black Plastic... that would actually look cool :D
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    But then it would not match the keyboard, or remote (unless, as suggested an Alu remote surfaces)

    They really only kinda took the design halfway there regarding the Alu iMacs and the accessories.
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    New Keyboard Coming

    I betcha we will see a ALuminum and Black keyboard -- much like the MBA. This will happen sooner than later. :D
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    I'd love that if the mouse matched it. Even more so if they bothered to be sensible and made a full size wireless keyboard!

    /me grumbles about choosing between wireless and number of buttons :rolleyes:
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    As an option, plastic can be vacuplated to look like assorted metals. You can also find aluminum spray paint that will adhere to plastics pretty well. I use a Bluetooth dell mouse in black and silver with my iMac. Looks not bad as the iMac sits on a black topped desk. ;)
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    Full of Win

    I'd be happy if they want back to the clear plastic mouse of the early 2000's...with some BT and multi button updates like the MM. I always thought it was a great look.

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    I expect some type of bluetooth multi-touch trackpad is coming. or a Multitouch mouse.

    I hope for black as well, but Apple has a nack for releasing white products with things that are aluminum and black. Like the Superdrive cable to the Macbook Air, the headphones to the iPhone, the power cable to the iMac, the Keyboard keys to the new keyboards and so forth.
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    I love that look as well,.. I doubt that apple would do this, but I have been wrong before.

    Multi touch seems like a gimmick to me,.. on the iPhone it makes sense.. extra gestures (for the most part) on Macbook Pros make sense (the image rotation stuff looks like crap imo), but not on a desktop. I have seen a desktop keyboard w/ a built in track pad and it looked or functioned horribly.
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    it'd be interesting if apple replaces the scroll ball with a touchpad. an alum mouse would be pretty sweet as well, but the shape would have to be very boxy.
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    And a scroll ball that didn't suck...
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    A multi-touch mouse would be great.

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