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Aluminium iMac Date Bought Problem

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Grayfox, Apr 21, 2008.

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    I bought my iMac on the 23rd of February, 2008.
    Now when i bought it, it had Tiger pre-installed so i had to install Leopard myself. It was brand new, bought from a local shop called Dick Smith Powerhouse (Australian Shop) They sell alot of apple stuff, except for the Mac Pro and i think the Mac Mini, but they sell :apple:TV and Airport Extreme, anyway.

    About a week or 2 later i called Apple because my mouse was acting up so i had to get some sort of code from them to be able to take it back for a replacement and since this was the first time i rang i had to set up the warranty, And when they asked for the serial number and then the date i bought it, and then they said, and this one of the main parts of this post, That the serial number didn't correspond with the date i bought the iMac, apparently the only date he could put in was around 3 months before hand and would then lessen my warranty with apple, He said i needed to fax something to them to get the date change, but i don't have a fax machine.

    So what i was wondering, Since i can't just take this back without a reason and get a new one, Would a Mac that was sold around February have Tiger Pre-installed on it or would it have Leopard? because i would of thought Leopard since that was on display and it's on all the adds and posters in the shop.
    Also, Has anyone else had this problem with the Date of Purchase and Serial Number not matching up? And if you did, Did you get it fixed somehow? or did you get a better explanation then i did?

    Thanks if anyone can shed some light on this problem of mine.
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    i think if you bought it from Apple directly it would have Leopard pre-installed, but resellers could still have leopard drop-in discs, since the machine is still the same as it was when it was released back in august '07...

    my dad bought an iMac from a reseller in his small town Nova Scotia at the beginning of january, and it had leopard drop-in discs with tiger pre-installed.

    also, might i add that fax machines are the dumbest, most obsolete machines on earth and i would enforce an all out ban of them if i had the power.
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    I bought my iMac on January 18, 2008 at the local Apple Store. When I bought it, the salesperson said, "I made sure to get you one with Leopard preinstalled and not Tiger". So I assume yours having Tiger on it originally is not unusual.
    And, yes, I too thought that by January all iMacs would've had Leopard preinstalled. BTW, my iMac was built the last week of 2007.
    As for warranty I haven't a clue. I've never needed mine yet. I do hope you get your situation resolved. It sounds like if you fax them a copy of your sales receipt, that will do it. And as most businesses these days have a fax machine, take your receipt and a dollar or two to a store you frequent, and see if they can fax it for you.
    Good luck,
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    i had a similar problem with my DOP, i think when resellers buy the machine, the date that THEY buy them is the DOP until you update it, im in the UK and i had to send a copy of the receipt to dop_change@apple.com.. or something similar to that.. if you call applecare the should be able to sort it out.

    Actually.. if you try to check you warranty status on the website there is a form to submit you copy of the receipt. it takes about 48 hours i think.

    hope that helps.

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    Resellers have to buy the machine off Apple first, and then sell it on to the customer. This means that according to Apple, the purchase date is when the reseller first got the machine - which, depending how fast they shift stock, can be quite a way in the past. You need to send Apple a copy of your sales receipt to update the warranty information.

    As a note, I bought a 20" iMac from the Apple Regent Street store last Friday, and it had Tiger installed with Leopard Drop-in discs. Wasn't that impressed really...Leopard has been out quite a while now. To get a drop-in disc usually means the machine was made fairly soon after Leopard's release, or even before.
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    well this has happened to me cause ****ing bestbuy is stupid and registered the computer since it was a floor model which i got for lik 800 when they were 1200 anyway since i couldnt get like the warntee in my name i couldnt do much so i took it to my loacal apple place and they like did stuff and got in the serial and iunno some how they got to send me a battery unfortinatly i still had to pay but less of what the battery actually cost so basically ill never buy a new used computer or make sure the warntee is like all good and none of those problems but now my macbooks warntee is up so if anything goees wrong im paying and now theres a flicker and its really pissin me off as well as the finish came off a bit and its slowly dieing
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    I got 2 Macbooks early march direct from Apple and they both came with Leopard drop-ins. They were refurbed units, not retail though. I suspect they actually were older, brand new stock they just needed to move and had been repackaged as refurbs. Any chance the OPs purchase was a refurb unit?
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    Totally agree. You should have said to them - hey Apple, here is a concept - how about I hold the receipt up to the web came that comes built-in with the computer you sold me, take a shot of it, and email it to you. ;)
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    whats the specs? cause that gives it away
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    Thanks for all the replys.
    I downloaded that program and it says the iMac was built between 17.09.2007 and 23.09.2007, little old but i wouldn't know.
    I went to that apple link, and put in my serial number and it says my warranty is due to expire in october, And that is the problem, since i bought it at the end of February so october isn't 12 months.
    And as far as i know my iMac is a brand new one (well i hope) it had all the wrapping and that soft white thing that covered the iMac and had a sticker on it which wasn't broken.
    Also, the box it came in, with the picture of the iMac and it's desktop, the picture of the desktop was of Tiger and not Leopard like i have seen before.

    Thanks everyone for the response, Been a real help.
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    You still have the receipt Id imagine? Surely Apple can adjust the purchase date if this was bought from an authorized Apple retailer.
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    It was this one:

    Refurbished MacBook 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Black

    13.3-inch glossy widescreen display
    1GB memory
    160GB hard drive

    It the older processor I know, only supports up to 2gb ram. But like I said, I suspect these were brand new, just repackaged as refurbs. No reason why Apple would have restored these with Tiger, then included a drop-in disc 5 months after Leopard was released.

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