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Aluminum Cases and iPhone 4s

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by mortfe, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Sorry guys. Been out of touch for awhile. Does the 4s have antenna problems with aluminum cases? Looking for 'quality' case, all auminum or hybrid. Just got 4s (vzw) but still have 4g with Atomic case. Looks great but a pain in the ass to deal with them. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks much.
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    Nope. You're good. ;)
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    Of course it does. The dual antenna of the 4s was not instituted to fix any problems with metal attenuating signal. It was meant to fix the dreaded "death grip."

    I've said this before, and, I will say it again. Anytime that you encase a phone in metal you are going to have SOME signal attenuation.

    This is regardless of whether the metal touches the antenna, by the way. Some case manufacturers would have you believe that because the metal doesn't TOUCH the phone, that you won't have any signal degradation. Simply not true.
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    No issues with my Vapor Pro.

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