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Am I the only one completely in love with iOS 7?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by GreatUsername, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Am I? Because all I've been hearing is people complaining about the icons and how they're not unified and how the simplicity takes away the textures that gave the apps character. I actually love everything apple showed yesterday at WWDC and am eager to upgrade as soon as possible. After looking at the new design for so long, I feel like my iPhone is out of date and the home screen is boring.

    Also, I feel like everyone that's upset about it are probably just like that because they're afraid of change since they're so used to the same mobile operating system for so long. After time, they'll learn to say goodbye to the old UI and get used to the new one. Plus, this is a kind of beta and some small problems may be fixed before it's released in the Fall and then there'll be more updates after that.

    Now hold onto your seats because I'm just as excited to see this new look in iOS come to OS X. Face it, it'll probably happen within the next three years.
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    I personally love it 0.o
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    I love it as well, for the most part. A few minor quirks, but overall I'm happy.
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    Love how it looks...and it works even better than it looks. Don't like one or two app icons but other than that its nice.
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    Like pretty much everything else on these forums, we mostly hear from all the negative d-bags that like to complain about everything.

    I love it!

    I think most people do.
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    iOS 7 got a standing ovation at WWDC. Clearly the developers there feel differently than people posting here. I've watched a couple of the developer session videos and its obvious the Apple engineers are super stoked about this release. And no, none of them sounded like they were faking it.
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    True multitasking finally. I always thought that little pop up window you scroll through was strange from the start.
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    I just wanted a quick way to turn off bluetooth. Anything else is a bonus.
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    The added functions will keep me using a iphone,next up,larger screen !
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    I love the changes as well. The new features are great and the style (especially the lock screen) is so nice I find myself opening it just to stare at it lol
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    I completely agree. My wife and I both love it. It feels more natural if that makes sense.
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    Your not the only one. I fell in love with iOS 7 the moment saw the keynote :D
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    I can't fall in love with the hideous stock apps and the terrible color scheme.
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    It's weird, because it's not what we've been looking at for the last six years, but I'm excited about it for that reason! A fresh iOS! Something new! (Plus I've caught myself admiring parts of other OS's minimalist styles - now I can have that without throwing away the fortune I've spent on iOS apps.)

    And now I'm going to add this subforum to my Excluded Forums for a week or two because the flood of rage and negativity is so annoying.
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    Tom G.

    Put me in with those who really like it, and will upgrade as soon as possible.
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    I really like the new version. I must admit when I first turned my iPhone on I was a little shocked by the different icons, but it didn't take long to get use to them.

    I've only had one issue and one request so far.

    Issue: my battery life terrible, but I know this is a beta and will probably be addressed in future updates.

    Request: I have a lighter color home screen and the with text is almost invisible. I would like to have an option in settings that would allow me to darken the text ( app name,carrier, signal strength..etc.), like a slider for the brightness, but for the text go from white to a darker shade of gray or black.
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    You're not the only one. I love it and I'm surprised at all the hatred for it. I think it's exactly what they needed to do.
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    At first I really hated everything about it. But after one day of usage, I'm completely in love with it. Can't even imagine how fun it will be to play on my iPhone on the official version!
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    I love it!!!
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    I love OS7 also from what I have seen. Great job Apple.
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    Ditto. I can not stand the new look. Blech!
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    I really like it. However I will go back to iOS 6 until it gets a bit more stable. Almost every non stock app crashed on me.
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    +1, love the new overhaul!
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    I love it. People need to chill out, especially the ones who asked for change, got it, and are now bitching because they're not used to some icons... Jesus...
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    Love it and it's pretty stable for a beta. Can't wait til it's finished.

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