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Am I the only one that thinks a touchPod is a little...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by --Wolf--, Sep 4, 2007.

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    Un....convenient? I'm sure many of you here have a ipod, and change songs/volume a lot while it is in your pocket/whithout looking at it. Now someone tell me how you are going to change song/volume on a fully touch iPod without looking at it?

    Anyone else agree?
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    If it's anything like the iPhone, the headphone double-click and you're at the next song and volume on the side. I use my phone alot from my pocket.
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    You actually have a good point. Let's all just trust that Apple has a solution to this issue. It'd be too easy for them to overlook I think.
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    it's a very good point. we could either see the return of the remote (did it ever leave?), or this might soon become the ipod's biggest drawback. we'll find out tomorrow.
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    maybe it wil have a remote, no big downside, it would shut up all the people moaning about it having no physical controls.
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    Have you ever really know apple to let you down with something like this? As we have been seeing various versions and leaked images of the ipod touch for a good two years now im sure they have ironed out all the little quirks such as this. Apple have a long track record of not realeasing things until they are definatly ready and i do not think the release of the ipod touch will prove any different.

    Even if you do have to take it out of your pocket to change songs i do not think its going to be the end of the world.

    I would not be surprised if we see a set of headphones with controls such as these built into them. These could either be released by apple or by a third party company
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    Ah, good point BUT what about the people that don't want to use those headphones. We know the ipod headphones aren't the best for the start, and then it shouldn't have to be a required accessory (to some extent) to have a third party one with the controls.

    And I for one often go to sleep listening to my ipod which is to my side or on my chest or something, and when I'm tried at night when the music helping me sleep, I do not want to have to open my eyes, have the brightness wake me up even more and then try and go back to sleepy mode just to change song/volume.

    A volume control on the side would work (I didn't know the iPhone has this) but even then....Maybe it's just cuz I've had a shuffle (first gen ftw) for a good 80% of my ipoding life, but having that control without your eyes is simply prioritizing.
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    Why would you want to hide such a beautiful machine from the public eye?
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    The 'touchPod' sounds too much like hard work, I want the 'thinkPod'...
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    So now that it's out...did they come up with a solution to this problem?

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