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Am I the only one who hates iTunes 11?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by netdog, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Having used iTunes 11 for a bit, I thought I'd come here and find dozens of threads trashing it. Truth be told, I was hoping to get the opportunity to join in the venting and to pick up some ticks.

    Anyway, I am not seeing those threads, so I am forced to create one.

    Am I the only one who hates the way that the interface has been dumbed down?

    I have a pretty large music library, something over 23,000 songs, and the amount of data to browse through and sort by was really useful.

    Now I find that the app is really designed to be browsed like a jukebox full of covers, and accessing the amount of data I used to seems pretty challenging. When I see, for instance, that I have a song both in the cloud and locally being offered in my local library, I have to jump through little hoops to see which is higher resolution etc.

    Am I missing something or has 11 brought us iTunes for Dummies? Or am I the dummy who just doesn't know how to use the app yet, and really it's brilliant?

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    Allow me to answer: yes!

    But seriously, I recommend giving it some time. Nice new features, fresh look and performance improvements make it a winner for me.
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    I don't hate it; I just want the album art to be larger. It's tiny on a 27" screen.
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    I dont have that large of a library so I don't face those problems. I have a small library - maybe 5 GB's. All in all, I love the 11. It's very polished and easy to use for me.
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    I like it. It will be improved with time for anything that is lacking or is recommended
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    I hate it. Constant crashing and a GUI that's more at home on a PC! Gone back to 10.7, although slower with a large collection at least it works!
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    As steve jobs might have said it's a POS.
    Looks very pretty but so much is bad, for instance albums occurring twice with one album having one song and the rest on the other, the rolling stones and rolling stones merging them into one another has taken me about 30 laborious minutes. Right now i am trying to import mp3's of Blonde on Blonde....no dice!
    WTF, the maps cock up, then this I may have to reconsider my investment in Apple Inc!http://cdn.macrumors.com/vb/images/smilies/confused.gif


    I agree with the original poster it really is itunes for dummies, really dumbed down and very difficult to edit and keep your library in some semblance of order.
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    Allready got used to it, love the mini player.
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    I also think it's a POS. Apple have not addressed the frustrations of users who ave large libraries of classical music.
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    It's another piece of Apple software for me to dump unless they get the missing features/bugs fixed fairly soon

    and give me an option to turn this annoying up next feature off
  11. mackandproud, Dec 9, 2012
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    Straight up POS. Tim Cook is a nerd AND dumb, which shouldn't be possible. Apple is no more.


    ...and IT11 is hardly an isolated instance. OS 10.7 is a counter-intuitive mess. The retina display macbook is pitifully slow. Then there's maps. Now the new imac is a non upgradeable turd. As are all the new macbooks.

    Fortunately, I can now buy previous models at a sharp discount while the unsuspecting masses flock like sheep to the turd store with the apple logo.

    This has turned me off to apple big time. I want to see them fail. Sadly, google, and microsoft are churning out far worse. It's a race to the bottom, boys, who gets there first?
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    I say again, it stinks and I've gone to StreamToMe because home sharing doesn't work properly.
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    Hate it! Coverflow ...i want it back...and i want the shuffle function back without having to make a playlist...

    Scrolling does not work properly...wish i could go back to the last version.

    Also , why did they not bring a solution for multiple artists cd ?

    They repaired something that wasn't broken....and now we are left with a mess.
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    I can't find where it displays the size of multiple selected files, or even the size of a playlist. Important to me for squeezing music onto my devices.
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    View -> Show StatusBar

    Will then show the size of selected items or complete playlist if nothing selected at the bottom
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    Thanks, will try.
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    I haven't used it that extensively yet, but I like what I see so far; it is faster and very responsive. It's just laid out differently, I think for the better, other things just different. Cover flow, didn't use it in iTunes, so not fussed. I do use it on my iPod/iPhone though. They might as well have kept it as an option though. As for the other things mentioned here; Shuffle is still there, along with the other organisational features of previous iTunes, I have no issue with my multiple-artist (compilation) CDs, they are shown together as in the previous version, so hardly dumbing down. I suspect some people just don't like change; it can be jarring having to figure out where things are again.
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    I hope that's all it is :)

    Honestly, iTunes is far enough along that I shouldn't have to figure it out all over again.
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    I wish I could figure out how to find the replacement for iTunes DJ and getting it to play higher rated songs more often when in shuffle mode

    All I see now is a dumb shuffle that just goes through each song in a random order playing once
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    OK, first of all (assuming you on OSX10 +) make sure you're logged in as admin, navigate to the Application folder and right or option click iTunes.app and select "Get Info". Click the padlock, enter your password and change all the permissions to read and write. Close "Get Info" and simply delete the iTunes app.

    Google iTunes 10.7 DMG and download it. Google and download Pacifist. It's shareware so when launched a timer will start and you'll have to wait a few seconds to use it, then a couple of pop ups will appear asking if you want to install some extras, choose to ignore them. Once Pacifist is open click the "Open Package" button and navigate to the iTunes DMG. In the window that appears click on the "Contents of Install iTunes.pkg" to highlight it. Then on the top left of the Pacifist window there is a downward arrow marked "Install". Click on that and let Pacifist run. Several pop ups will appear - choose to "Replace" to all.

    When the installation has finished make sure iTunes is not open then navigate to your "Music/iTunes" folder. In that folder is a file named "iTunes Library.itl" - delete it. Then in the sub folder named "Previous iTunes Libraries" you'll see files with dates in the filename i.e. "iTunes Library 2012-12-05.itl". Copy and paste the one with the latest date to the main iTunes folder, where you deleted the previous .itl file, and rename it to remove the date.

    Finally in the Apps/Utilities folder you'll find Disk Utility. Launch it and select the hard disk "Mac", then click the button "Repair Disk Permissions". This will take around 5 minutes or more (despite it saying it will take 2 minutes!!) and you'll see it repairing a lot of iTunes files but be patient it will finish. When done close Disk Utility and I'd suggest a reboot (although I didn't) and launch iTunes. You might need to sign in to your account again but maybe not and all should be good!!!
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    This version of i-tunes is on a music-only pc i use in my stereo chain..:(

    I do own a powermac...use that for recording music...
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    Most of my immediate frustrations were fixed by going to the menu bar:

    View > Show Status Bar
    View > Show Sidebar

    They brought back the colored sidebar icons that they killed in iTunes 10. This makes me happy. They also made it insanely easy to toggle whether you can see your iTunes Match songs not stored locally (View > Hide Music in the Cloud).

    I actually prefer it now to iTunes 10. Although it is beyond me why they did not simply enable the above options automatically for those upgrading and force the questionable interface changes on the new people.
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    Bring back Cover Flow and I don't like the way my Books library is now sorted. I use to view them in category groups and choose the cover for each category (much like in iPhoto) now all I can do is have a list sorted in categories.

    This version of iTunes feels very dumbed down to me.
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    I love it. iTunes has sucked for years, I can't remember the last time it had improvement like this version.
  25. 50548, Dec 9, 2012
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    iTunes 11 is to iTunes 10.7 what Airport Utility 6 is to Airport Utility 5.6 - those who know what I am talking about will understand my point.

    And for those who don't, the point is even clearer: iTunes 11 is a piece of ****.

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