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Resolved Am I the only one? [who hates the idea of flat]

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by KUguardgrl13, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. KUguardgrl13, Jun 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2013

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    Looking at all of the iOS 7 mockups, I HATE the idea of flat. Granted I've only been using iOS for a few months (been using OS X and iPod classic for a little while), but I like the current UI. It's different from Windows phone 8 which I hate the look of and much easier to navigate than android or blackberry 10. Flat just doesn't seem right for Apple. OS X has looked much the same for years. What's wrong with keeping the same overall look for iOS? Hate on me if you will, but I like the way things look now. Improvements to Maps and other software improvements would be acceptable.
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    you should honestly just wait until Monday. we have no idea what it'll look like.

    I think the consistency is the main thing. Apple's apps are all over the place. I think they're trying to make them similar on OS X and now do the same for iOS.

    that new WWDC App is definitely an indicator of what we're about to see for iOS 7.
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    I have no problem with current design. But I LOVE flat design more. There are lots of good apps with flat design. I personally love all Google's app, i.e. Google Maps, Google Play Musics app, the new Gmail app... I also like some Windows 8 apps with flat design, i.e. the finance app and news app.
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    Having used my phone in many non-ideal situations, like bright sunlight, dirty screen and backlight set way down, that extra detail can be helpful. The Flat designs look nice when your on an ideal screen but how well do they handle less than ideal situations.
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    im kind of indifferent, however i kinda like it the way it is now. im also usually against change in general, so i could really care less what it looks like in the end.
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    Who says you won't get both. Heck some of this flattening, if it happens, could improve the code. By reducing it. Which may be a good thing.

    I agree if they spent all their time changing the look and left in bugs like Forstall did with iOS 6 then shame on them. But I won't hate until I see the final product. Because I suspect it isn't as big a change as some think
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    Let's not jump to the conclusion that flat = Windows 8's look. I can practically guarantee that iOS 7 won't look like Windows Phone. Flat can be great. I like the iPhone music app, and it looks pretty flat. The games Dots and LetterPress both are fantastic. They are flat, but extremely functional. Don't worry yourself until Monday rolls around. If you hate it AFTER you've seen things, then you can complain :)
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    Small White Car

    Given that the Mac OS has gotten MUCH flatter over its lifetime, I don't find your arguments very convincing.

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    Exactly. We don't need a topic from everyone that wants to preemptively complain.
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    Does anyone else hate that people complain about iOS being stale and in need of a refresh, but when Apple actually announces a refresh everyone complains that they don't want it to change?
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    Person: Dodge needs to redo the Ford Mustang..it's outdated and boring...

    Ford: Ok, here's the all newly designed hot Mustang!

    Person: Gross, I want the old one...

    Ford: ....
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    See I'm not running 10.8. Still on Snow Leopard.
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    Maybe that's why you think OSX has "looked the same for years".
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    Hey, Microsoft didn't make drastic changes to the look of Windows until 8, and look how many people are loathe to upgrade from 7. Heck, some people didn't like that iTunes 11 hid the sidebar automatically.
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    No - people hate Windows 8 because of the UI is awful! Where is the start button!? :rolleyes:
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    Finally... the voice of reason.

    How refreshing!


    It's back.
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    Still a lot flatter.....
    (And why are you living in 2011, its 2013!)
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    I'm a student. Can't afford a new computer and don't quite have the funds to upgrade RAM to get 10.8.
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    You're not alone. There is some staunch opposition against Flat UI by Lord Ivy from the Loyalists! :eek:
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    Except you have no clue what you're talking about. You don't even know what you're opposing.
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    You use the word "hate" way too much to be taken seriously. You haven't even seen iOS 7 yet - chill out and do something different to take your mind off the "hate".
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    Based on what's known so far from the leaks and rumors: there will be no textures (linen, diagonal stripes). No gloss. No more great looking dock. Buttons don't look as defined. Tab bars are flatter and not indented when selected.

    To sum up, every app looks plain black and white with some colors sprinkled here and there. (Like Passbook). Notes app won't look like sticky notes.. No more text bubbles in messages app. General lack of liveliness in UIs.

    I'm fairly certain people know what they're talking about when referring to Flatter UIs.
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    I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY certain of one thing about iOS 7, with 100% confidence...

    Noone has seen it yet, NOONE. All the guessing is pointless, and all the people saying they are "certain of one thing..." are only certain to be disappointed, and to be handed a nice wet flannel to wipe the egg from their faces.
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    Take a xanax and realize that everything you're saying is based on rumors and speculation. Wait and see the OS before complaining about what it looks like.

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