Am I the only one....

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iGary, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Hoping the store goes down around 8:30 EST?
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    Yes, yes you are.

    .........................Okay, so maybe you have some company. :D :p
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    I'm with you. Don't think it will happen...but a man can hope.
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    I'm hoping as well! ;)
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    I'm watchin too - but maybe now we're 3 we're officially a crowd!!!!!
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    Wooo! Crowd-dom!
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    chanting ----> "powerbooks! powerbooks! powerbooks!"
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    Don't jinx it! :mad:
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    mad jew

    New PowerBooks would be nice but it really doesn't phase me whether we get the 30MHz now or in three months. :p
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    You mean 30 GHZ, mad jew. Don't be so pessimistic.

    It's obvious (to me at least) the next PowerBooks will be pre-quantum.
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    mad jew

    Yeah, okay, 30GHz! And a 250MHz FSB. :D

    Seriously though, nothing major CPU-wsie is going to happen to the PowerBook range until this Intel switch is underway IMO. :(

    It's not Apple's fault, they have their hands tied when it comes to processors.
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    they no longer have the .mac advertisment on the front page of the store. now it shows the engraving option for all ipods.

    somebody is doing something!
  13. iDM
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    I thought it was mentioned that it was only going to be a 30 mhz boost. So we would be looking at 1.7 Ghz. Any hints of other features it might have?
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    Well.....this has been beaten into the ground, but I'll bite.

    I would anticipate bigger hard drives standard, a better GPU in the 12" models, more vram standard in all but the 17", dual-layer superdrive, maybe more ram, maybe brand new features, and, unless Apple pulls a rabbit out of its hat, I'm betting on a price drop as well.
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    mad jew

    Shouldn't the stores be down by now? :eek:
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    Pssshhh. It's almost like you've never been in on of "these" before, mad jew.

    There is no "should" about it. :D
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    mad jew

    Sorry, sorry. I'll try harder next week. :p
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    Nope. 8:41 and no updates. It's not happening this week.
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    Please see above. :D
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    Seen it go down much later than this - it's only 5:50am Cupertino time. The store went down for the Mighty Mouse much later than it is now.
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    I'd say it's 9:00AM SF time, so Steve Jobs can see all the hype when he wakes up.
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    No, you're not the only one. Even though, didn't you just buy a PowerMac? Waiting for the PowerBooks? I need a new PowerMac. Any day now Steve. Credit card in hard.
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    seems we're out of luck today.

    i would be surprised if steve would announce new products just before and after the paris expo and cancel the keynote at the expo. that wouldn't make sense.

    my guess: no new powermacs/books before mid october, otherwise they had announced them at the expo with a later ship date.
  24. jsw
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    You should all know that my Select membership, along with its accompanying unused-because-I-was-waiting-on-a-rev-to-the-17" developer discount, expires October 8. Therefore, the new PowerBooks will not be announced until, at the earliest, Oct. 9. Following the Tuesday tradition, that would mean an October 11 announcement. However, I'll be in Finland Oct. 1 - 8, so I suppose it's possible they'd risk it and announce Oct. 4.

    Rest easy until then.
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    Ahh, my 8 month old PowerBook retains it's "Current Model" status for yet another week :p :)

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