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Am i weird?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by nyprospect, Jan 22, 2005.

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    :rolleyes: Well the only this stopping me from buying a mini is that i have a black monitor black keybord and mouse.Will the mini look good or stand out next to a black monitor. :D
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    I feel the same way. Silver Computer, Black Monitor, White kb + mouse. Its strange.

    Look into HP LCDs, they look like they may match the mini. Apple should sell a 17" Widescreen LCD for $400. People would definatly but it.
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    It will look horribble, everyone will start to hate you, your girlfriend will cheat on you, and your parents will disown you. :rolleyes:

    If you are too worried about looks. And yes I know Apple's look great but is a Mini.
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    whew i thougt it was just me that felt that way.steve jobs should have said "Trade in your old keyboards and monitors we will supply ones that match.
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    Yes your weird!
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    Or make your Mac Mini so that you cannot see it :)
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    i only buy things that match. except for the grey creature speakers which look like utter CRAP compared to the white ones. i think Aluminum and white are fine together. This monitor will look nice with Al macs i think. its 17" but not wide screen. the kensington studio mice look nice, because they have both white and grey elements.
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    Weird? weeeeeell not exactly weird, just vain in a geeky way.
    Speaking of geek, here's me spending my saturday night in random threads at MR:D

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    baby duck monge

    i just got that monitor for myself a few weeks ago, and i would definitely say that it is gorgeous and would match the mini wonderfully. or a powermac (g4 or g5). or work as an external for a powerbook (or ibook if you like the white/silver thing). anyway, it's beautiful - definitely has style that is worthy of an apple.
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    Baby duck did you get any dead pixels or stuck pixels.thats what im worried about to.newegg just dropped the price on those.from 430 to 409
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    I don't think that is weird at all. I could use the power of a G5 PowerMac, but my next purchase will be an iMac G5. Why? Because I think the PM is butt-ugly and I don't want it in my living room.
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    Form over functionality. I think it should be the other way around. But then again iMacs are very functional. :)
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    Nothing a can of spray paint cannot fix. ;) :)

    Hide the mini if it stands out is the best solution if you care that much. :rolleyes: :p
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    Crazy glue the mini to the back of the monitor, that way you wont have to worry about color coordination.
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    I thought i was weird :p
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    Why are so many people suggesting that s/he hide the pretty thing rather than doing away with the ugly things? Aesthetics are obviously a concern.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Actually I am looking forward to getting my Mac mini. I have a Dell 2001FP (black) and the M$ usb/wireless keyboard mouse. But my desk is a glass one with black metal.
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    You use a Mac!

    and your asking people that use Mac! Comeon now. :p
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    Sun Baked

    You wouldn't mind sending her our way, much better to have a group of people you don't know doing the deed...
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    I'm on it. What deed are we talking about here? :cool:
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    Well, you could try setting it up like this:


    Notice the Mac mini down in the lower-left corner... it's connected to everything, but out of your visual range so it doesn't matter if it goes with your keyboard, mouse, etc. (You'll notice everything on my desk is black, so I shared the same concern.)
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    Nice setup. :)
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    Thank you. And there are no visible wires anywhere, unless you go digging underneath or behind the desk or bookcase.
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    Wow awesome setup(redundant).hmm thanks you have inspired me :)
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    I like the red chairs in the other room. Where did you get them? :)

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