Amazing iOS 7 "Music App" Concept

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by andrewpturko, Jun 3, 2013.

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    It's so great it almost looks like it could be real.
    The music app on iPhone saw a major visual overhaul in iOS 6,
    although the overall experience has changed very little.
    This new concept looks absolutely brilliant.

    This is "Music". Read more about the concept here:


    The designer also gives great information on what he thinks the overall design in iOS 7 should look like. I found this earlier today and just had to share it, and I believe it's front page worthy! :D
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    Apart from the RW, Play and FFW icons being a tad too large this is a genuinely gorgeous design and irregardless of Apples iOS7 release, this should be built and released on the App Store.
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    Reminds me a little of Ecoute, been using that as a replacement for awhile. *Plus it works with iTunes Match*
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    A really good write-up! I love his idea for the album view.
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    I thought 'Dashboard Mode' was ingenious, and bringing Apple's 'Up Next' to the iOS Music app would be a no brainer.
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    I agree with the timline idea; would be good for how I listen to music (usually big mixes of stuff on shuffle&repeat).

    That said, the album-cover navigation could be a problem. In practice, there's bound to be lots of missing/hard to identify artwork.

    The biggest change the Music app needs isn't visual, though - it's in the workflow. It needs a way for you to be able to select a bunch of songs and chuck them in to the play queue. The current Music app is awful for that. This concept involves adding tracks to the queue from anywhere, which is nice. It'd be good if there was also a way to add whole albums/artists (say by tapping and holding, or holding and dragging it up to the queue icon).

    This is a really nice concept, though. Great visual design.
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    I agree too, and I think implementing "Up Next" in the music app should take care of this issue mostly, although I know you can create playlists on the iPhone and iPod touch by tapping the Playlists tab on the bottom left, and then 'Add Playlist' just below Genius Playlist at the top of the list. On the iPad tap the 'Add' button (which has a plus sign) on the bottom left. In either case name your playlist, then use the Add button to add the songs you want. You can use the tabs -- Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres, Composers -- to navigate your library, and the Add All Songs or Albums option at the top of the lists you'll likely see. (If you've already navigated down a list, scroll down to see the Add All option if it's available.) When you've added all you want, use the Done button on the top left. It should be much improved if this concept is anything like the real thing though!
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    Do you have any plans for an iPad music App?
    Also the video's app is in need of a change
    Great concept though, the only problem is now if or when the new music app is released, its not going to look like this, and that's bad.
    Are you an App developer by chance?
    This would be a great cydia app.
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    You'd have to speak with the designer of this concept over at Dribble here. I'm only sharing his information like I stated in the original post. I agree with your points though too! I'm an app developer as well but I have no plans distributing anything through Cydia at the moment. If you're anxious to see this app go live as much as I am, check out the original designer's blog here and maybe leave a comment, or get in touch with him on Dribble and Twitter.
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    Wow...great work! I can tell a lot of effort was put into that. The only thing I don't agree with is the Facebook'esque sidebar...everything else looks really great and makes total sense. I hope you aren't too far off with this mock up. Nice work!
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    This is along the lines of a 'flat' interface I personally would think iOS:7 will bring. It's a noticeable change, but it still follows the previous iOS designs so users will notice, but not get lost or confused.
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    And one that already has a thread.
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    i like it, looks a bit like jellybean on my old nexus tho
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    Great concept! However I prey that the real iOS7 includes up next... So useful!

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