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Amazing ONE Speaker 5.1 Audio for G5s!

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by mattv123, Sep 4, 2004.

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    I recently came across a company called Niro1.com USA, and they sell single speaker, single subwoofer 5.1 surround sound systems. I own a Dual 2.5 Ghz G5 PowerMac and I bought one of these puppies and connected it up via TOSlink (fiber optic) and it is one of the best combinations of products I own.

    Basically, the one speaker box has 5 speakers built into it. These speakers broadcast sounds in specific phase, resulting in cancelation of certain sounds at certain distances from the speaker. Essentially, you get an amazing sound field that rivals true 5.1 systems. They even sell a mount that can attach to your monitor to hold the speaker right in front of you.

    I can't explain how perfect this product is for anyone who wants a great sounding audio system for their G5 computer, and don't want all the bulky speakers. Even the colors match: all brushed aluminum housings. Since the G5 and the Niro systems have the built in fiber optic connections, it is no problem getting 5.1 sound out of DVD Player. Even stereo music out of iTunes sounds incredibly pure and clean since it is all digital.

    I was skeptical at first as to how good the sound quality could be with just one speaker, but they offer a 30-day full refund guaruntee. Go ahead and give it a try: I did and there is no way I am returning mine.

    Well, check out their website at http://www.niro1.com/en and please feel free to email me if you have any questions about it and how it works with the Mac.
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    I'm no audio expert, but doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of 5.1 audio if all the speakers are pointing away from eachother?
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    Be wary:

    - User's first (and only) post
    - A 'glowing' review
    - Are the dual 2.5s even available yet? The Apple store says 3-5 weeks.

    This might be innocent, but don't get sucked in :eek:
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    If you order one now from it takes some time, but they are available now, customers began to recieve them at least a couple of weeks ago
  5. Wes
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    Not only newbie, first and only post.
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    I don't trust anyone without a tar. (Me untill yesterday)
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    I believe people without avatars, like jimsowden even before he got his tar, but I don't trust anyone who sounds like they work for Niro1 USA. I especially don't like that last line. Why (and how) would he be able to know so much about the product that he can actually explain to me how it works on the Mac and such? Why does he know so much about the product to begin with? Oh yes, he works for them.

    And if the phases cancel each other out at certain distances from the speaker, then doesn't that leave a dead spot? That's what you get when you have a 2 speaker system....... dead spots where destructive interference occurs. This doesn't sound so advanced to me.
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    2A Batterie

    This look's like the work of Frank Stallone.
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    Wait...you got an Avatar yesterday :eek: I must have totally missed it. Like.. wow. I guess I should start watching the RSS a little closer.
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    sales pitch if i ever heard one.

    one speaker 5:1 might be good for say, people whose computers are in closets. Or who move around (dorm room) frequently. But the only way I could see it bringing anything close to true 5:1 would be in a specially designed room that bounced the sound waves just right. Phase cancellation simply can't bend the sound waves to be coming from behind you. Your ear is sophisticated enough to know better. As was mentioned, the only thing phase cancellation would do is create hotspots and deadspots.

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    Hm.. why would anyone selling speakers bring that up? Maybe he's a legit user.

    *holds back snicker.
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    My computer came out of the closet.
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    Sorry you don't believe me

    Well, to address everyone's concerns: I purchased the 2.5 Ghz the day it came out and it was shipped IP Direct from China a few weeks ago. I got lucky and got one of the few machines of the first wave of shipment.

    As for my status as a new user etc. I have been visiting MacRumors for years getting all my newest info from them, I just have never had too much to say to join the forums. So in the sense that it is my first post, I could understand you may be wary.

    At the same time, by me going out of my way to create an account and make a post, should say something about how much I really like the product. I understand it may have been a little "glowy", but the reason for this was I wrote the post the same day I got the Niro product in, and was still a little excited :) .

    I know a lot about the product because I:
    a) Looked throughly through their website and
    b) Called their customer service to get some of the technical details I had posted (ie the phase thing). Speaking of which, yes, you do get dead spots; for the surround speakers. Basically the sound for the rear speakers are canceled until they get behind you a certain distance. It is really amazing and beyond saying "it is phase" I have no idea how they do it.

    And Niro is a creditable company: their previous line (the Niro PRO i believe) got editor's choice on CNET and got great reviews from USA Today. They told me their technology has improved even more since the pro, and CNET is in the process of reviewing it.

    So as I listen to "Let Go" by Frou Frou (off the Garden State soundtrack), which sounds amazing with this setup, I tell you my intensions are genuine. I reread my post and it does kind of sound like a sales pitch, and for that I am sorry. I guess at the time that was the easiest way for me to express how strongly I feel about the product.

    So, take my word against a grain of salt I guess. I know if you give this product a try, you will not be disappointed, and if you are, you can return it for a refund.

    If you have any other concerns, feel free to blast me with them, and I will try to anwer them the best I can.

    Thanks guys!
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    I think it's a pity how a newbie post that is offering a mere product recommendation is questioned and accused of being a troll. :cool:

    If some of you took time to do some research you'd find that Niro is a highly reviewed speaker company whose speakers offer high fidelity surround sound in a small package.

    P.S. Please note the avatar status. But can I be trusted... ;) :D
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    I think people should have to become regulars before they can start creating threads, unless approved by a mod or something.
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    Do you mean have a regular status instead of macrumors newbie?

    if so, thats not really fair at all... So yesterday my first post was asking advice on monitor purchase, If things were up to you, I wouldn't have been able to ask that? I have been lurking for ages and I see a nice friendly mac community. with that attitude i can see people who want to join not bother!

    By the way, I doubt very much a single speaker 5.1 system will rival any real 5.1 sound system - sorry :(
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    Suggestion to newbies, don't start a thread that looks like a sales pitch. Especially for your first post. Hey guys, here's a new product that's AMAZING! type of quotes are usually a red flag for SPAM. If you are on the level, that's cool. But we shouldn't have to apologize for not trusting you right off the bat. Sorry. :p

    I smell WASTELAND!
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    As do I, but I also doubted that a wireless phone would ever be able to work as well as one with a cord... :)
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    Well, lesson learned

    Hahaha, ok, well I'm sorry for giving my opinion.

    I thought this was more of an open forum where people would be open to discussion and not dismiss my recommendation based on my new status as a newbie (although I am hardly a Mac newbie as I own an XServe based web company) and on pre-concieved notions such as the quality of virtual 5.1 surround compared to true 5.1.

    Fact of the matter is this is a new technology that is just being introduced to the US from Japan, and all other virtual surround sound systems fall way short of this product. So, before declaring it doesn't compare, please have a foundation you can stand on.

    Again. I aplogize for the sales pitch. That was not my intension. All I can say is great mac product == excitement.
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    Your opinion is fine, the sales pitch is not. At least without us knowing you a little better. Please don't be offended... just like you are entitled to your opinion, we are entitled to our skeptism. If you are on the level, stick around, but keep a thick skin. You'll know better next time.
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    cool, a student who owns a xserve based web company! get you!

    My point was, you said:

    "you get an amazing sound field that rivals true 5.1 systems"

    Which imo, isn't possible sorry!

    Good your excited bout mac products tho!
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    Forget it

    I give up. I am shutting down my account here.

    I cannot believe all of the negative feedback. I am sure you get people that spam occasionally, but you shoot those who sometimes give genuine advice. There are good people out there.

    The guy was asking for a speaker system for his college dorm room. Well guess what, I am in college, and have a Niro speaker system. So, I told him what I have, and passed on my recommendation. Sorry that is hard for you to digest.

    I can totally understand being concerned if I made a post and all I tried to do was sell the damn thing, but I am just telling you my experiance with it.

    To prove I have it and am a dedicated mac fan, look at the pictures of it integrated with my system.

    I don't really feel like justifying myself any more about my intensions. So I leave you the option to email me if you really are insterested. Otherwise, you guys can complain about how i'm just trying to sell the thing for the rest of this thread.

    I'm going down to the beach to surf. Peace!

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    Just to clarify

    I didn't mean to be genealizing by saying "you all", some people who posted have some really genuine constructive criticism and valid points. To those people, I say, "Rock on, you keep the mac community awesome."

    To the others, well, lighten up :)

    Ok, way too long inside today with the surf outside awaiting. Have a good day!
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    mattv123. . . dont leave. . . just dont say anything else about speakers. im going to have to follow up this post like i did on the college dorm speakers that i first saw you post.

    those speakers sound like they dont work. the web-site claims that they work in any size/shape of a room. from a semi-audiophile's point of view this is imposible. to get the actual effect of such a system youd have to have a room specificly designed to fit the speakers. not to say they sound bad, but they couldnt be as amazing as they claim to be. the idea of a true 5.1 system is to actually have the speakers placed as specific locations and thus a feel of 'location' from sound. the problem with 5 speakers at one sources is you will have cancelation at various parts of the room as the waves interfere. i understand this wave interference is how they imitate 5.1 sound for some parts, but they must also acknoledge that there will be negative wave interferance wich will cause bad spots (or if a very acurate wave is played through the speakers you could have completely silent spots) so yeah id not recomend them. and as for mattv123 come back to the forums, just dont mentions speakers again! :) we always welcome mac lovers here!

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