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Amazing WC3 replay!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Edot, Apr 5, 2004.

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    well... on the one hand, the micro was frighteningly good, but on the other hand they did some really stupid things. Red never checked that expo site for so long... almost cost him the game. And the UD had 2 gold mines going and all he made was ghouls... not to mention the fact that if he had attacked with DK and ghouls any time before those AoL were up, it's GG, and he scouted red so I don't know what he was doing not attacking. Sure red was really nasty but one warden could not have held off those ghouls and DK - just send them for the wells so the trees cant do anything...

    I dunno, on one level it's the best game I've ever seen, but on another, I'm not impressed.
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    It is easy to criticize when you can see the whole game. Maybe you should watch your own replays and see how stupid some of the things you do are. Red is ranked 49th on the Europe server Level 39. The UD player doesn't have as high a rating, but he has only played 29 games. This is the best game I have seen. Much better than any of the Worlds replays. I am not saying they played a perfect game. It was just a quality game that was amazing, ironic, and funny all at the same time. By the way the warden could have killed the DK easily if he were to attack Red early.
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    Death by tecnical planking. :)
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    this game should have lasted only 15 minutes if grey would have made fiends. he eventually made meat wagons which cured his dryad problem, but it could have ended far earlier.

    want to see a fun replay (i win 3v3 basically by myself).

    i have plenty more :D

    argh can't post it, but email me at bkonar@sbcglobal.net if you'd like to see.
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    That is definately not the best game I have ever seen...
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    I don't think you understand what I mean by the best game. Yeah this game was full of mistakes, but most replays are very boring. Either people are really stupid and get wiped out fast, or the game is over before anyone is able to make tier 2. This was an exciting replay to watch, not a perfect game.
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    i dont play wc3 but i recognize their names!
    4kings and mousesports
    very popular clans , especially in the counter strike community
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    I know that I do a lot of stupid things in games, but at the same time, grey not attacking after scouting with that ghoul is just a total mystery to me. He knew the base had no defense, so not attacking is not just a careless oversight (in the way that red not checking the expo was), but rather was a total failure of good strategic judgment. You're right in that the warden might well have killed the DK if grey had attacked, but with as many ghouls as grey had, the warden had no chance of both killing the DK and surviving herself. And given that red had 0 other units, hero for hero is a trade grey should gladly make.

    However, I do agree with your later comment - the game was extremely entertaining to watch, and both players did some extremely skilled things as well as some stupid things.
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    It would be great if some one with skill could attach commentary to a game.
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    Okay, okay, you have a point there. But massing Dryads and Ghouls is not skill...
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    Mike Teezie

    Do you have to have WC3 to watch the replay?
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    Me? Yes I do.

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