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Amazon Adds X-Ray Searches with New Kindle for iOS Update

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Amazon today updated its Kindle for iOS app to version 3.5, adding X-Ray for books. With X-Ray, users can see detailed information on plot ideas, characters, and locations within novels.

    From the app description:
    X-Ray, which is a major selling point of Amazon's own Kindle devices, was previously introduced as a textbook-only feature with the 3.4 update for Kindle for iOS.

    The feature is backed by Wikipedia and Shelfari, which is described as Amazon's community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. iOS 5 is required for the 3.5 update, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

    Article Link: Amazon Adds X-Ray Searches with New Kindle for iOS Update
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    Talk about false advertising this isn't nearly as cool as it sounded :(
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    why not?
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    I don't even use this on my Kindle.
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    I think I used it once on my Kindle just to see what it was like.
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    Meet X-Ray for Kindle, we've taken the annoying co-worker that always manages to spoil parts of the Game of Thrones you haven't made it to yet and put it in our app.
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    Sounds pretty cool but... I really cant think of a situation where I would need it
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    I've used it on my Kindle Paperwhite to look up information on a character when he/she was introduced many pages ago in a book. It's useful for me because I tend to forget who a character is when he/she re-appears in the story.

    That said, I prefer reading on the Kindle Paperwhite. But, it's nice that the Kindle app has this feature as well.
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    Is this just Amazon's interface for their search function? I don't get it.

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