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Amazon Launches 'AutoRip', Offering Free Digital Versions of Purchased CDs

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Seeking to enhance its profile among music buyers, Amazon today announced the launch of AutoRip, a new service that offers customers who purchase physical CDs through Amazon free digital copies of their purchases through Amazon Cloud Player. The service is also retroactive, meaning that customers who bought any of the thousands of eligible CDs through Amazon since 1998 will automatically find digital versions of their past purchases in Cloud Player.
    AutoRip tracks are encoded as 256 Kbps MP3 files and are playable on a wide variety of devices including the iPhone and iPod touch, and can also be accessed through any web browser. AutoRip tracks do not count toward users' storage limits for the Cloud Player service.

    Amazon has been working for years to eat into Apple's dominant share of the digital music market, offering discounted prices and matching or exceeding Apple's features such as iTunes Match with its own offerings. With the new AutoRip service, Amazon clearly hopes to attract many longtime customers who have purchased physical CDs from the company by offering free digital versions to introduce them to Cloud Player.

    Article Link: Amazon Launches 'AutoRip', Offering Free Digital Versions of Purchased CDs
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    Free digital copies should be included with every type of media purchase. It's not hard at all to rip a CD to your iTunes library, cloud or whatever...but inclusion of the digital copy is a nice touch. Like buying a DVD of your favorite movie that includes a digital copy. It's usually better done than something you may do yourself, such as a backup archival via Handbrake or something.
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    Can't argue with free stuff years after you've paid for something...
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    People still by CDs?
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    how is it hard to put in a CD and just rip it manually? lol.

    I guess this makes it slightly easier.

    Whatever... People still buy music?
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    People still post this comment at every available opportunity?
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    How long until one of the labels sues Amazon because one of the tracks they gave to a customer is one of a CD that was bought as a gift and the purchaser no longer owns?
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    Over the years I've bought far more than 14 CDs from Amazon, but that's what I got from AutoRip today. It's a great path for the luddites among us.

    Thanks Amazon!

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    I was wondering the same thing, I'm kind of assuming the license for the MP3s is separate from the physical media (CD). Notice it's a specific "class" of CDs, so I figure those have the licensing worked out.
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    I'm sure they've factored that in to their licensing costs. It's no different that iTunes Match. It can't tell if you still own the CD you've ripped and matched. Or even if you ever did.

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    Very cool idea!

    I often still buy CDs if the price is cheaper than a digital album download. Especially for pre-owned items or out-of-print items. Plus I like the freedom to rip the CD at whatever quality and format I choose.

    This is especially good if you want to listen to your CD instantly, but don't want to wait for it to physically arrive.

    Great going Amazon! :D
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    Their player/DRM thing (and I never complain) is SO FREAKING AWFUL. My wife bought something from them and we spent like 2 hours trying to download it, being denied, and having to file a claim and be reimbursed. It was one of the worst online experiences I've ever had. Customer support said we did nothing wrong, just try the purchase again. We definitely did not try again
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    This happens a lot for me, though my CD acquisition rate is down to ~4/year.

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    Turn a sweet CD into awful MP3 formats? Sorry I will keep using WAV formats in iTunes.
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    ? DRM? There's no DRM in the Amazon MP3 store.

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    I got most of mine too, just checked. Heck, I don't even remember a couple of those CDs :D
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    Have you thrown away your computer and use iPad instead?
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    Good idea from Amazon.

    Wish iTunes Match was better.
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    That's the point here. You can get your MP3s instantly, and rip to WAV/FLAC/ALAC once the CD comes in. No effort required to stream your tunes from any cloud player compatible device.

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    Yes, before it begins: people still buy CDs. They make great gifts and actually sound BETTER than an MP3. I think CD sales may actually still make more $$$ than downloads for the industry. I know for artists I collect, I still buy the CD. Amazon may have saved the compact disc with this innovation!
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    Would be grand if they still had those buy 1 get 10 free mail order things from Columbia house and bge music. So much random good music was discovered growing up with those deals.
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    Offer this with vinyl purchases Amazon! Anyone can rip CD's fools
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    I'm wondering how many people are ending up with free mp3 copies of CDs they bought for others. If they were specifically marked as a gift, you apparently don't get a copy, but if you just bought the CDs and had them delivered to you so you could wrap yourself-- say as Christmas gifts, Amazon wouldn't know and presumably will give you copies for eligible CDs.

    Need to check with my Dad to see what (if anything) he might have got. :)
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    eMusic is the MP3 version of that.

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