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Ambrosia Releases iToner 1.0.1 - Compatible with iTunes 7.4 (and 7.4.1)

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 8, 2007.

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    Ambrosia Software released version 1.0.1 of their iToner Ringtone software for the Mac.
    iToner 1.0.1 fixes an incompatibility introduced by iTunes 7.4 for custom ringtones on the iPhone.

    While there was a seemingly simple way to put ringtones on your iPhone for free, the technique appears to have broken in iTunes 7.4.1 and was never 100% consistent to begin with.

    So for those who don't want to deal with that hassle, iToner offers a simple $15 (one time) solution.

    Article Link
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    Works great

    Got it this morning, no problem with the ringtones or syncing with iTunes. I'm quite impressed with Ambrosia's turnaround.
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    Poll Smoker

    Until the next iTunes/iPhone software update?

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    The technique works fine, just one more, simple step.

    1 Rename aac file to .m4r using Get Info (command+I)
    2 Double click file to open in itunes
    3 Close itunes
    4 Goto username/music/itunes/itunes music/ringtones
    5 Rename .m4r to .m4a again using Get Info
    6 Sync phone

    Done, simple, works everytime, 100% consistent. Make sure you name them the way you want, as you cannot remove ringtones (from the iTunes list) once they've been added.

    And as always, iTunes did not delete ringtones that have been sftp'd over.
    If you don't have the extra 30 seconds I guess go ahead and pay for an app that'll do the clicking for you.

    To get rid of the "phantom" tones that still appear in ringtones tab after you delete them, go here it involves deleting the library's directory list and re-adding (not importing) your music folder. This should not affect artwork, but will delete playlists, so back them up too.

    In case anyone is wondering, I've been using Audio Hijack Pro, which I set to AAC 192kbps Stereo. Anything playing through the speakers gets outputted. One of the greatest apps made for OSX.

    All thanks should goto saaber joemaller.com and rwross and others.
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    I don't have it, and don't feel the need for custom ringtones (yet), but I'm impressed by the quick turnaround. Let's hope other paid software "workaround/hacks" can keep up with Apple like this. I'm still leery of bricking my iPhone with the current hacks.
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    I can honestly tell you AppTapp aka Installer.app will not brick your phone, worst case senerio you have to resync you tunes and settings. New iTunes releases have not broken Installer.app or the apps ive added with installer.app. I would NOT use iFuntastic as people have had problems with that. Email your camera roll before you do anything, its the only thing that cant be restored if you didnt back it up.
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    1 Rename aac file to .m4r using Get Info (command+I)
    2 Double click file to open in itunes
    3 Close itunes
    4 Goto username/music/itunes/itunes music/ringtones
    5 Rename .m4r to .m4a again using Get Info
    6 Sync phone

    JPyre's method worked for me (intel Mac), no lost ringtones with the update!
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    Does this just apply to Mac computers?
  9. arn
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    Staff Member

    I think it's up for debate that it's 100% consistent, JPyre... :) Based on all issues people were having with it in the original thread.

    Let's move all 7.4.1/freeringtone conversation/support to the new story I posted about it:


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    Ease of use > Weird workarounds. I bought a copy. $15 won't break the bank, but it will save my mind from overuse. LOL
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    As Arn noted, some people are having a bit of trouble with this method... and given Apple's actions recently, it's quite possible they will close this loophole too.

    Except that ringtones added in that manner *will* be blown away by iPhone OS updates, as they have been in the past.

    iToner does take some of the hassle out of it, true... and we're also actively working on adding other neat stuff to it. Stay tuned... :)
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    At the moment am still trying iToner out. I have been using a ringtones playlist which allows me to add and delete ringtones from the iPhone at will, which the "hacking" method doesn't allow. And the interface for iToner is well made and thought out.

    Felt I should clarify, doesn't allow me to delete the original and make a new one and have the old one go away from the list in iTunes, I have ghosting issues in my ringtones tab of the same ringtone three times because I change the way it sounded. I don't feel like following the method mentioned at the moment for removing them, as it is time consuming.

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    I am lazy, I don't want to go through renaming the file, changing it back, etc. So to me, the ease of use with iToner is clear winner.
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    It seems that every other or 3 syncs, my itoner ringtones disappear. Any idea why, is this happening with anyone else, or it it just me, and something I am doing?

    I have been using iToner 1.0.1 and iTunes 7.4.1. Just upgrade to 7.4.1 today to give Apple's ringtone thing a try, which I finally got to work. Added one ringtone, again iToner ones are gone.

    Thanks for any help.


    I'll Leave my question there anyways but I think I solved my issue, it would seem that somehow I had left both version of iToner on my computer and when I launched it I was switching back and forth, or maybe thats it. I will conduct a few tests to make sure this is in fact my problem, doh! I have since deleted the older version, but what is strange is as soon as I opened the older version it asked me to update, and I had never received that message before, which is why I will leave my original post.

    On a side note iToner does not tell me the correct number of times I have opened it as it always seems to add 2 or three at each launch.

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    for those non mac users

    Hey thanks for the starter information;

    if there are any non mac users like me that wanna do the same thing but couldnt get it to work with here is how i did it.

    1 copy the file u want to make a ringtone into itunes (i put it into a playlist for ease)
    2 right click it and convert to aac file
    3 goto your documents and settings\(whatever ur username thingy is mine is davis.jakedavis)\my documents\my music\itunes\itunes music\(artist of the song)\whatever ur song name is right click and rename it changing file extention to .m4r
    4 double click on it or open with and play with itunes ... this puts it into ringtone folder
    5 close itunes
    6 back in the directory from step 3 change the name of the file back to .m4a
    7 open itunes, goto ringtone section (not on the iphone) play it
    8 now it asks if u wanna look for the file ... say yes and find the file u changed back to .m4a in step 6 (for me it was already in the correct folder)
    9 sync ( i got a couple can not sync msgs to iphone but i think that was from the many attempts trying to get it to work for me, but it worked)

    I'll probably never come back to this site again unless maybe u guys figure out how to customize other things and the all mighty google brings me back. So if u have any questions email me at jake_h_davis@hotmail.com

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    Personally, I'm going to pass on buying iToner because plenty of free applications keep popping out. Plus, you could even buy 10 on iTunes, for the price. I'm not that into ringtones honestly.

    To me, marimba is oh so cool.
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    Still happening to me. After a few syncs it loses the ringtones that I uploaded through iToner. Oh well, doesn't seem like I can use this method.
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    hrm, we haven't seen anyone else with this issue that I'm aware of. Try this.

    1. Quit iTunes and iToner.

    2. Delete "iToner Support" from ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/

    3. Launch iToner, and verify that a new "iToner Support" is installed in the directory mentioned in step 2

    4. Launch iTunes

    5. Sync away...

    Everything should work fine, if it doesn't, I'd like to get in touch with you directly so we can figure out what is going on.
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    Will Give it a shot

    I am trying this, especially in face of the new update. Will get back to you after a few trials.
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    Don't know what's up with this

    OK, I deleted all reference I could find to iToner on my computer and "started fresh" and added three ringtones to the iPhone. After coming home today and syncing, those three ringtones are gone. Still using 7.4.1 and iToner 1.0.1. Very odd.

    Anything else you think I can do?
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    Are you plugging your iPhone into two different computers? If so, iToner needs to be installed and run on both computers to prevent iTunes from nuking your ringtones.
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    No, only one computer:

    PowerMac G4 Quicksilver 2002 (Upgraded to 1.2Ghz)
    1GB RAM
    120Gb HD x2
    Tiger 10.4.10
    iTunes 7.4.1
    iPhone 8GB

    Only Computer that I even have it touch.
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    This is very puzzling. Can you contact me privately at: andrew@AmbrosiaSW.com ? I'm having our developers have a look at this thread as well, but my guess is we might need to send you a test version to see what is going on.

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