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AMD and ATI join forces

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Link: AMD and ATI join forces
    Description:: AMD and ATI announced today a plan to join forces in a transaction that will combine AMD’s technology leadership in microprocessors with ATI’s strengths in graphics, chipsets and consumer electronics. The result (they claim) is a new competitor, better equipped to drive growth, innovation and choice for its customers in commercial and mobile computing segments and in rapidly-growing consumer electronics segments. The transaction, valued at US $5.4 billion, is expected to close in Q4 2006 subject to approval by ATI shareholders, court approval, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

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    I hope they won't go the "exclusive package deals only" way. You know, no ATI GPU unless you use AMD processors... :confused:

    If that's the case, I guess all future Macs will have an nVidia GPU.
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    Exactly what we're all wondering

    Hopefully Steve will mention this in his Keynote next month. I don't think they'll be as cheeky as to tie the GPU to the CPU... but it certainly doesn't look like a good pairing [Intel and ATI] anymore.

    Does this count as the 2nd kick to Steve's teeth from ATI? :p

    The main difference between ATI and Nvidia hardware is the larger number of shaders in the former. I wonder if Mac OS X utilises these, as this might explain why Apple has favoured ATI technology.

    Apparently Intel are about to release their next gen GPU which will catch up on Shader technology. So certainly in the next consumer and mobile Apple products, we may see Intel GPUs. As for the Pro systems, if they don't use Nvidia... it won't look so smart for Apple next month.
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    I don't think that ATI would be that dumb. Aren't they neck-and-neck with nVidia in the graphics business right now (as far as marketshare)? If they tied themselves like you suggest then that would mean an immediate drop in marketshare for ATI.
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    it's not up to ATI, it's up to AMD now. and they've already announced that they will not supply Intel when the deal is done. now that depends of course, if the deal is allowed to go through, and honestly, i don't know if it will. with only 2 real graphics companies, taking one away from the competition sounds pretty anti-competitive to me.
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    This actually sounds like great news for nVidia.
    If the deal goes through, won't they get a huge amount of business from non-AMD computers?
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    I would guess they wont leave out the macs and intel chips but who knows with AMD and ATI
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    If AMD/ATI are smart, they will conduct business as usual. If they don't, the only people they'll be helping are Nvidia and Intel.

    Results of this that I see:

    1. First party AMD chipsets.
    2. Crossfire effectively dead unless they continue to license technology to intel.
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    What about Adobe and Macromedia? I was shocked that it was even allowed to go through. Who is going to challenge Adobe now? And dont say Quark coz that is just too funny.
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    Since OS X uses OpenGL, wouldn't it make more sense for Apple to go with the GPU that's more OpenGL-oriented? And isn't that nVidia?

    Of course, maybe ATI is going the "power per watt" route too...
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    What are they going to do, punish Nvidia for AMD/ATI shooting themselves in the foot?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    This shuffles things to a point but looking at Intel and their upcoming integrated(not current) GPU's it seems to me the odd man left out might be Nvidia.
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    Since ive had my ATI card its been nothing but trouble. I originally had an Nvidia card and never had a problem.

    I went back to the place that installed my card because the screen would freeze when any 3D rendering was needed. They told me use an earlier firmware, but doing so stopped the GPU fan from working and I was frying my machine without even knowing it for months. I'd be glad if Apple went the Nvidia route.
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    Not really...apparently Windows OpenGL drivers are faster on nVidia, but that's a software issue. ATI cards have generally worked better on Macs, also due to better software. If nVidia really was somehow inherently "better" at OpenGL, you would think Apple would have used them exclusively years ago, no?

    Anyway, I hope this doesn't see the end of ATI cards on Macs. It certainly means there won't be any ATI integrated graphics in Macs, but that's irrelevant since there never were going to be ATI or nVidia integrated graphics in Macs, just Intel.

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    Interesting tidbit of history

    Chips & Technologies made the video chip for the PowerBook Duo ... Apple stopped using C&T when Intel bought them out.

    Intel completes purchase of ARM (buying majority of shares from Apple)

    Apple gets mad at ATI over leaking the Daisy iMac ... Apple starts using Nvidia as a "dual supplier"

    Apple licensed USB from Intel ... Intel released USB 2.0 to directlt compete with firewire

    AMD starts to have greater than 50% marketshare

    Firewire was dropped from the iPod (around the time it was being rumored and obviously happening) when Intel / Apple teamed up for the new Intel Macs.

    AMD attempts buy of ATi
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    It would be a pretty dumb business move for AMD to keep ATI's video cards/GPUs tied to its own platform, since Intel still makes up the vast majority of the market out there. Never a wise idea to leave that kind of money on the table.

    The whole video card market for the Macintosh is going to turn upside down next month, anyway. The Mac Pros will need their own line of cards; the burning question in my mind is what kinds of differences in hardware/firmware there will be between regular Wintel video cards and those for Intel-based Macs. At worst, the re-engineering required to make video cards for the Intel Macs should be much, much less than for the PPC Macs. At best, it should be much easier to hack "non-compatible" video cards to work in the new Macs.
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    No they will prob go the way of having nice PHAT discounts for companies that buy AMD which I don’t expect Apple to go with anytime soon.
    And I welcome a full nVidia switch. Like Intel nVidia has seriously gotten its act together over the last 3 years.
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    I can see it as a good think. The I dont see ATI cards being tied only to AMD cpus. Now I do see ATI cards be opimized for the AMD CPU first and then the intel chips right now almost everything is opimized for Intel CPUs first and then AMD.

    Also it could be a really good thing for AMD because they may finally start making there own chip sets for there CPUs. For the most part I dont expect to see much of anything change to the rest of us. ATI will be just as easy to get at nVidia and no realy changes. It will just be bussiness as useally. It mostly in just the RoD side it maybe helpful.
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    A summary of what is known at this point.

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    Well, I'd think so too, but maybe there's some other price/power facts to consider, too. Or even something as simple as contracts, etc.

    Either you post really confused me or I think you misunderstand what "integrated" means.

    The iMac has an "integrated" ATI chip, in the way that it's part of the motherboard. It's not an "ATI card" like most PCs or the PowerMac. You just can't upgrade the "graphic card" on an iMac, a G4 Mac mini, an iBook, a PowerBook or a MacBook Pro. The ATI/nVidia GPUs and their dedicated RAM are part of the computer's motherboard. In that sense, they're "integrated".

    The Intel "integrated" GPUs are part of chipsets. The MacBook Pro has both an ATI and an Intel Intregrated GPU. It's just not using the Intel GPU part of the chipset. At least that's the way I understand it as far as the MacBook Pro is concerned.
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    Eek. I predict that Intel will buy nVidia to counter. Then we'll see ATI shut out of Apple's offerings...
  22. eji
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    Well, Intel just pulled their ATI chipset license, "meaning that there will be no more ATI (or rather, AMD) chipsets for Intel processors after the end of the year."

    Intel's sour grapes has now led to more limited choice. This is why mergers stink.
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    Uh, no. Calm down. Microsoft buying Apple warrants such a response. AMD buying ATI might not even matter much in the long run.
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    I was kidding.
    I agree with you, this isn't gonna be a big deal. Calm down everyone.

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