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AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Smacdowns new 1.8ghz iMac G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jiggie2g, Dec 11, 2004.

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    I can't believe this , This old Part beat a spanking new G5. I was actually considering a new imac till i came to the conclusion that $1499 was too much to spend for a comp i will replace in 2yrs and let a good 17in screen go to waste , so i ended up ordering some stuff from newegg ,

    AMD Athlon XP-Moblie 2400+ 1.8ghz(overclocks to 2.4ghz+) $77
    DFI NFII Ultra Infinity MB w/Sound Storm $87
    NEC ND-3500A (16X DVD-/+RW ,4X DVD-R DL ,48X CD-R) $67
    Geforce FX 5200 128MB DDR DVI $55
    Hitachi SATA 160GB 8.5ms $95
    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Black w/side Window $122
    Thermaltake 480W PSU $57
    512MB DDR 3200 Corsair stick $70
    ThermalTake Slient Boost Heat Sink $31
    came out to around $670 w/shipping. (I needed a stop gap Comp till Dual Core comes out).
    Mandrake 10.1 Linux / Windows XP Pro Dual Boot System(already owned both OS)

    Call me sellout if u want but i did the math and it makes sense 4 me and seeing this article makes me feel all the more satisfied with my decision.

    See for yourself

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    So how does OS X run on that baby?
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    At least make upfor it by installing Linux instead of winblows. I have an AMD 2400+ (2GHz) with 1.5 GB PC2700 running Redhat Linux 9 and it SCREAMS. I'm going to install Solaris 10 after Christmas when I have time.
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    He already has it configured as a Windows/Linux dual boot system (according to the list of specs in the original post).

    How is Solaris x86 going these days? You have to be fairly careful with your hardware choices, as the supported hardware list is only a fraction of the size of Windows or even Linux if I recall correctly.
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    So even though you can build a cheaper PC, you still have that pig of an OS called Windows XP for the average person.

    Then again, Linux is okay.

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    Yea Fine OSX Rules , thats sure wasn't a hard one to figure out, but if u really think that OSX is worth a $900 mark up for a comp with lesser Quality parts then it's ur wallet that will scream in agony. I am not like tha Quasi-Religious Mac Zealots that make up a large portion of people who come to this site. I let reason ,rationality and plain old common sense lead me to the most logical conclusion not misguided faith ....unlike our election (but thats another story)
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    What is this word, "smacdowns"?
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    Ugh, your horrible spelling makes PC users look bad--very bad.

    That's Mobile not Moblie for one thing...ugh, I'm not even gonna correct the rest. Your random capitolization is one step closer to the teeny boppers who type LiKE tHis oK?

    While you did buy the DFI LanParty mobo (which is the god of nForce2 Athlon XP platforms), you pair that up with a FX5200? I mean, you said yourself that this would "lay the smackdown" on Macs, but considering you picked one of the worst cards, I'm not so sure. Again, considering your mobo is the one renowned for allowing Athlon XP Mobiles to hit 2.7-2.8Ghz (obviously the latter with LN2 or Prometia) with ease, I would reconsider the AGP card you employ in your setup (replace that with a used 9600Pro for $50, or go higher to a used 9700Pro for $120 or a new 6600GT for $220).

    In terms of cases, Thermaltake is like "rice" in the computer world...so you can probably tell what my opinion is of them. Their Silent Boost is half decent ONLY from the fact that the included fan is a Panaflo fan >> which is quite a turnaround from their noisey, inefficient HSF's of the past.
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    :sarcasm: OH MY GOD! A BYO PC actually BEATS a Mac on price AND speed!?! You're kidding! I've never heard that before. That is brand new information. :sarcasm:

    We know, thank you. That's why a lot of us also own PCs. Especially the self built kind. They are also faster and cheaper than IBMs, or Dells for that matter. But even more so than Apples. It depends on if Windows, or even Linux, is worth it for you over having OS X. For many, it is. For others, OS X and the nice looking Apple hardware are worth the extra money, and for some apps it can be faster and/or more stable.

    My $300 cheapy is nice for the basics, but it's no G5. For some things, even my G3 is preferable. Don't be surprised if people call you a troll and this post becomes flamebait.
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    Well let's see...

    With Mac OS X.3 I have a wonderful GUI shell built on a Unix core. It comes with great software called iLife. Everything is easy to use, well intergrated, and basically virus proof.

    Then again, I work with 2K and XP each and every bloody day at work.

    ...and I have a few home brew 2K and XP systems.

    Hmmm... Nah, I think that I will keep my Mac OS X computers if you don't mind.

    jiggie2g It is not that we are Mac Zealots. Rather it is the case of most of us use both platforms and simply choose the better one as a personal preference.

    ...and of course, we are willing to pay for our personal preference.

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    Check out the italicized addendum...

    After the initial article summary on AMDZone, there is a moderator's addendum that states: "It is difficult to draw a strong conclusion at the end of these benchmarks. The results are extremely variable, and roughly equally in favour of both the iMac 1.8GHz and AthlonXP 2600+." Of course, being reasonably educated and informed, we are all aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult to locate entirely objective benchmark data for ANY platform -- Apple, AMD, what-have-you.

    I agree, however, that an informed and logical decision often results in overlooking the Mac for something more reasonable. As much as I love the MacOS, and the subversive but reverent culture associated with Apple, I'll admit that it's not even remotely within my budget. Being a single father, I've found that I'm stuck with my inexpensive XP machine for now. Thing is, I don't mind.

    Often, if you take the time to really use an OS, you find that they're really all not so different. They've all become equally viable in their own rights. Users have defined what it is they need to function, and developers have delivered, albeit each uniquely. It's up to the users to determine which interpretation of our needs speaks to us more clearly. For me, it's the MacOS.

    Revel in that cost savings, I say! That machine will do everything you ask it to. Just don't forget where you came from. :)

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    Thank You very much Matt............. and i won't forget.

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