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An adaptor mini Displayport to HDMI soon available

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Apple should have had one of these when the new Macbooks were released.
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    Great. Now please would someone release a simple pin adapter to go from the Apple's miniaturised version to full-size DisplayPort?
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    I agree but the mini display port wasn't ratified until after Apple started shipping the new product.
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    They shipped VGA and DVI adapters before it was ratified. Then again, none of the three work all that well according the reviews.
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    Take note that the article states this cable will NOT carry sound.
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  8. TBi
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    Just to clarify that the article states that the cable could possibly carry sound but apple has not enabled this functionality in software.
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    Now, I'm just waiting for a new Mac mini to attach to my TV via HDMI...
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    Given that you can get optical-out from the headphone port, this is really only a cosmetic problem, unless you have a long run of cable.

    I'm sure monoprice will have them in due time.
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    It's a problem if you want to use HDCP protected material. This is why DRM sucks...
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    Assuming it is a software issue. It is also a distinct possibility that there is no hardware connection between the audio circuitry and the GPU.
    External optical audio doesn't work with protected content? That's new to me. My PlayStation 3 (which definitely supports HDCP) has no problem sending BD movie audio out its S/PDIF optical ports. That's how I watch all my movies (since my TV's built-in speakers suck and my amplifier doesn't have HDMI ports.)

    If Apple is blocking audio as well as video, then that would be a bug, not a legal requirement, since standalone BD players have no such restriction.

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