An Apple retro moment: An inside look at the Christmas '84 ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Those are some interesting diagrams to say the least... :rolleyes:
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    Everyone understand how it works now? :p
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    That's definitely a fascinating story and a great read. Ah yes, I remember the Christmas of 1984 very well as my brother and I got an Apple IIc ourselves. And 20+ years later I'd like to say again...Thanks Dad for getting us the Apple IIc and not the IBM PCjr! :)
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    Looks more like a G5's liquid-cooling system :)
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    A very interesting article. Shows what a company like IBM can do when they get a clue. Pity it required a retail-sales person to tell them what their marketing people should've been able to figure out on their own.

    Which is a shame, because the //c was a far superior computer to a PCjr.

    An Apple //c is a full-blown Apple II. It has everything the more expensive //e has, except for expansion slots. And it bundles enough features (two serial ports, mouse port, external floppy port, video expansion port, 128K RAM, 80-column card) so you have little need for expansion.

    The PCjr, on the other hand was barely even compatible with real PC's. I remember using one for a while (at a friend's house) and was really ticked off to find that many of my MS-DOS applications that I used on a no-name 8088 PC at school would not run on it.

    There was never ever a legitimate reason for anybody to buy a PCjr, as far as I'm concerned. You'd be better off with a Commodore 64.

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