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An idea to suggest to Apple...

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by pipposanta, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I am new in this forum but I have a great idea to suggest to Apple!:cool:
    We can write all together a group's mail to suggest to make a new application! This is my idea: a programming suite oriented to newbies (not as XCode), included in the next iLife suite with a world and character editor similar to the editor of The Sims 2 (http://www.dignews.com/admin/screenshoot/sims2_screen002.jpg) and programming only with blocks created by a user community as automator actions. Would it be cool?!:cool:
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    Ugh. No, if you mean a VB-alike (which is about the only area XCode doesn't already cover).
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    No, I mean a bigger thing like a 3d world and character editor!! And with snippets of code assemblable as Automator and downloadable from a community apple web site? What do think? All this oriented to make games and included in the next iLife suite...:apple:
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    Oh, you mean one of those godawful 'game creator' type things that have been done so often before (esp. on Windows). I've yet to see one that was worth a damn, so sorry, still ugh....

    The only time those kinda things seem to work is when they're editors for existing games (I'm thinking particularly of the quake level editors).

    Sorry, but there's no shortcut to real programming. To do it right, you gotta get your hands dirty.
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    Why don't you just learn to program if you want to make games? Thats what I'm doing. It is challenging and incredibly fun. It does require some patience and willingness to look at your maths and physics text books though :).
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    Second Life?

    On the other hand, the OP's suggestion would be covered if Second Life made an offline editor.

    Since Second Life has basically failed at every one of it's initial goals, it might be nice for Apple to buy it out, make it more user friendly and distribute it with the OS. Then there could be a "Pro" (.Mac linked), version. This would buck the trend and might actually make the thing useable or even pleasant. :eek:

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