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An obvious hint indicating a move closer to iOS7

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by applefan69, Aug 5, 2013.

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    While playing with the backgrounds of my computer I discovered what seems like an obvious giveaway of the design direction IOS7 seems to have taken.

    When pulling up Launchpad, you get a blurred version of your desktop background.

    As was noted in the keynote of IOS7 background picture changes would effect the entire UI to provide an aspect of customization.

    Well OS X Mountain Lion came out long time before secrets of IOS7 were revealed. So I thought it would be interesting to note this "coincidence"

    I find this interesting because it seems obvious hints were given well beyond the official showing of IOS7

    Almost like Apple knows what they are doing.

    Eventually OS X and IOS will merge IMO, this shows evidence of this theory. Id be surprised if many disagreed

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    Tenuous, good observation. Please adjust your title to English.
  3. applefan69, Aug 5, 2013
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    I cannot edit it :(

    My apologies, I have been drinking and was hasty to report this finding.

    Please mod let me appear more intelligent with a better title.

    I think this is almost news worthy, Apple always seems to leave hints of future releases. It really creates an aura of having a plan
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    Of course they have a long-term plan for how the OSes are going to progress. They don't just make up stuff a few months before they showcase the demo!

    While OS X and iOS may share some parallel interfaces and metaphors, OS X will not "become" iOS. As long as OS X remains certified Unix, POSIX-compliant at its heart, then OS X is not dumbing-down or turning to candy or whatever.

    The addition of LaunchPad, etc, which makes it easy for people familiar with iOS to switch to OS X, does not subtract from OS X.
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    [MOD NOTE]
    I tweaked the title a bit, to make it a bit more clearer.
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    Yah ill agree it does not subtract from OS X. I was just speculating on the merging of the two OS's. You may be right about it just being a matter of familiarization.

    Either way my point for this thread was that way back when Mountain Lion was released, Apple already had a plan for the style of iOS7.

    While a blurred background is nothing but a cheap effect, these choices aren't made without reasoning.
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    Yes, but the reason has nothing to do with some secret plan to "merge" OS X and iOS. This is something that has been talked to death on this forum for years. I will simply remind you that the original name of iOS was OS X 10.5. If Apple wanted to "merge" the mobile and desktop operating systems, then it would never have changed the name of its mobile OS in the first place.

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