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Analyst: 'There's a very good chance that Apple's iTunes ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Only if Apple opens the format up. Format being AAC + Fairplay. You can't be the standard if you don't share with others.
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    BUT rules are meant to be broken! ;)
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    once apple opens up the gates to allow others to place AAC + fairplay
    even if they license it. itunes will stay #1

    lets say apple charges $1 for every device made that can ply itunes songs
    they will make even more money.. eventually the music store will account for more money then the ipod
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    Ahh, just like word docs :)
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    Not to mention, potentially kill WMA. Which would be a *good* thing.. imo.

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    If you ask me, WMA is already dead (even if I do see "Windows Media Audio" everywhere, all the people I know use either MP3 or AAC).

    What needs to be precised is that purchased tunes on Windows are compatible with OS X. Yes, someone actually told me that he was afraid of not having access to his Windows-purchased iTMS tunes if he got a Mac.

    (and yes, I told him that not only he could, the two computers could share their libraries for playback).
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    Can't kill that particular dragon can we? WMA is a format for manufacturers, the average person doesn't care so long as it works.
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    WMA isn't more for "manufacturers" than MP3 or AAC (or heck, even OGG, now that they've got an integer decoder).

    The average person doesn't care as long as it works everywhere. Which means WMA is out (and MP3 is still in).

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