And coming up on the outside, it's Barack Obama

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Thomas Veil


    I have a real problem with the accuracy of that last sentence.

    Nevertheless, the real thrust is that, while two Republicans share the lead in popularity, Barack Obama has moved up fast. It's not surprising to me that he's more popular than Hillary, it's surprising to me that polls are starting to reflect that.

    And before anyone reminds me that this is a popularity poll, not a "who would you vote for" poll, let me remind you that there often isn't a whole lot of difference between the two.
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    I'm liking Obama more and more. He has a way of transcending the mudslinging and getting to the point. While he has little experience, I feel he might be just what we need- a President who hasn't been a lifelong politician. Someone who's actually done something other than mooch off the public.
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    I like him a lot, but I don't think he's ready for the big time, not just yet. And I definitely don't think the Democratic party is in any condition to put together a decent campaign strategy and staff for him, not so long as HRC is the prohibitive front-runner.


    I think HRC is extraordinarily qualified, and I'd vote for her in a minute. But I know at least 10 or 15 people who wouldn't no matter what. I fear I am not alone in this regard...
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    i'm still TBD about obama. he doesn't seem as anti-war as i'd like (i don't mean the iraq war, although that's the most obvious one), i mean in general.

    but i'm willing to give him a chance to win my vote. and currently he'd place ahead of hillary to me.
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    I wouldn't vote for her. I've never liked her. She seems like a different side of the same political coin to me. I feel she could be just as divisive as Bush.
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    Oh yeah no question. When Bush won in 2004, I mentioned to a Republican friend that if Hillary was on the ballot, I would have voted for her instead. My right-wing friend almost exploded, a la O'Reily. I mean, this was a side that I had never seen before. Dare I say, the hate I have for Bush may be surpassed by Republicans' hate for Hillary. The difference of course is that my hate for Bush is actually justified...right now the hate for Hillary is more of a political "upside" (or down lol) depending on how you would say it.
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    Running Hilary would be a disaster...she's made too many enemies on her way up without caring who gets crushed. Every single thing she does is calculated to be in her best interest, not necessarily the interest of her constituents or the country. I know that politics by its very nature drives people to do that, but she's an extreme example of it. She's far too divisive...if she runs, the Republicans win easily.
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    I don't know if I'd vote for Obama, but he's the first Democrat that I've liked in a long time. Actually, he's the first politician from any party that I've liked in a long time.
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    so why wouldn't you vote for him?
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    Thomas Veil

    Despite her considerable fundraising prowess, I have this sneaking feeling that the Democrats are going to slowly start nudging Hillary aside.

    And yes, Obama is still somewhat inexperienced. But then again, Guiliani's highest position has been mayor. And what was Bush before he was the governor of Texas?

    If Obama is considered still too inexperienced, perhaps he could fit the lower part of the ticket for now. "Edwards/Obama '08" has a nice ring to it.
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    i wouldn't want to see Obama go for VP. it would ruin his chances later on for a Presidency in my opinion.

    i would certainly vote for him. i think he has a very good chance if he runs. hes likable. hes not outstandingly liberal (which i wish he was more liberal, but that won't help him win in the end, will it?). he is very charismatic and eloquent.

    i don't know if Guliani has what it takes, he seems to me to be a bit too headstrong at times for my liking. but thats just my opinion.
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    Well, mayor of a city of what like 15 million people? That's more than several states in "flyover" territory.

    Call me a sceptic, but it takes more than a keynote speech at the convention and half a single term with no noteworthy legislation to impress me. Maybe if he grinds out two or three terms and gets some legislation under his belt he could consider running.
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    As I tend to vote for Republican/Conservative candidates, there's a good chance that I'd disagree with some of his political beliefs. That is to say, I'd likely disagree with him more than I would with his Republican opponent. But my decision would depend on candidate Obama's platform, should he eventually decide to run.
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    so then what you meant by liking him was more in a personal sense, rather than liking his platforms/ideals/views? gotcha.
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    You can ask President Dole and President Kerry how being in the Senate is such good preparation for being elected. Having to vote on those huge omnibus bills virtually guarantees that after a couple of years you'll have voted against just about everything at least once, providing plenty of fodder for opposing political strategists. Governorships are the way to go, historically.
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    Possibly an incredibly naïve question, but is there any chance of a Clinton/Obama joint ticket?
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    Mike Teezie

    That's interesting. I never thought of Hilary being our side's Dubya. The last thing we need is another 4-8 years of divisive political ordeals.
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    Right. He just strikes me as a really decent guy. It's been awhile since I've thought that about a politician.
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    Ugh. Edwards? Am I the only one who found him to be intolerably smarmy?
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    If it were Obama/Clinton, I could maybe see it. But that's a stretch. I don't see them as all that similar.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I like Edwards and I like Obama but I dont think the lefty democrats will put either one in the front running. The party is as screwed up as the republicans and will most likely give us another partison Kerry like candidate who appeals to only the left. We need a Uniter not a divider, a Obama/Edwards ticket would look good. We need to remove the partison crap both sides push.
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    IJ Reilly

    I was never impressed by him. The man appears to be made entirely out of injection-molded polystyrene.

    Giuliani goes nowhere in the Republican Party unless he can invent an entirely new personal history. Even New Yorkers didn't like him much until he showed some character in the days after 9/11. This was his entire claim to political fame, and it isn't much.
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    yeah, i'd say there's a chance. if they both run in '08, and clinton gets the nomination, her team will pick a running mate. if obama did well in areas she didn't, then i'd think they'd have to consider him.
  24. Ugg
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    Whether it would happen or not, I don't know, but it would set a precedent like no other.
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    If I were Obama, I wouldn't even consider taking a VP slot on any ticket. It's a political death sentence. VP's have a poor history (at least in recent memory) of being able ascend to the Presidency. I still think the only reason 41 made it is because he was running against Dukakis, who was a smart guy that distinctly lacked the "human" touch.

    yes, I know, Ford, Truman, Johnson...different circumstances.

    actually, HRC might really shine in a cabinet position. Secretary of Defense or State would probably go to Joe Biden. Would any administration dare to appoint HRC Secretary of HHS? If she could "fix" the state of health care in this country, that would be quite an accomplishment.

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