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And I always thought this Video was Fake!

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by OldSkoolNJ, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Bad link.
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    Copy and pasted, removed extraneous crap. Anyway.. nothing new here to see.
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    I think the original demonstration in the video was at the TED conference a year or two ago...whether these researchers were working on these ideas parallel to Apple or if they were later hired by Apple would be the interesting part, as this technology clearly has wider applications than just the iPhone.
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    Well, when I first saw this video several months ago, I got really excited... but now that it has actually been implemented in the iPhone, I think we'll see a bright future with this technology and Apple.

    I can already see so many uses for people using such programs as Aperture and the Final Cut Studio, for audio professionals and DJs, and it seems like it could be great for compositors using Phenomenon when it comes next year to replace shake.

    I'd love to have a regular ACD then an Apple Multi-Touch HD display to work on.

    There's no way that Apple will limit this to the iPhone for longer than it takes to effectively create screens and programs to work with it.
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    when i saw this i read about the patents at the same time....so it seemed credible.
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    I'm ovah heah now!

    I think that the biggest hidded gem is the multi-finger touch sensitive screen. I've seen the technology demo'd at some technology preview forum, but not in a mainstream product. I think that this portends a paradigm shift for workstations in general.

    I'm an artist by trade, have been digital since '84 but have missed the old drawing board since then. I want a touch sensitive screen with no lag in the form of a traditional drawing board, that I can use a stylus and my near atrophied left hand interactively. I want to move the "paper" and draw at the same time like in the real world. A nice 42" "DIGITABLE" with legs or a stand to keep it at a drawing angle woud do nicely. It could mimic any and all things, like audio mixing boards, film editing etc. Once I got the 24" iMac I could see how close we are. But, this multi-touch sensitive screen stuff just makes me drool. Maybe that what Jobs has up his sleeve.

    That's what I'm talkin' about!
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    you know, i was thinking of that video all night. thanks for the link.

    i searched for jefferson y han and found his site with even more amazing stuff in the works:

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    It's dusgusting how much smarter Jeff Han is than I.

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