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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Abstract, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Franz Ferdinand? Of all the bands, I really don't see why they're so popular. I realize they're just another NME "Best British Band EVER!", much like The Vines and such, but I don't understand why people like them so much. They have one song. One. One song doesn't make an album.

    The list of nominees is below. I really wanted The Streets to win because I thought he was robbed when Ms Dynamite won in 2002. Also, his album was the most innovative and ingenious album released by a UK/Irish band, which is what the the Mercury panel is supposed to judge the albums by.

    I don't even understand the nominations! Why was Joss Stone in the running? She made an album of covers. I thought that possibly Muse should have been nominated, along with a few other albums released last year, but Joss Stone! What do you think?

    Anyway, the list:

    Amy Winehouse - Frank
    Basement Jaxx - Kish Kash
    Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
    Jamelia - Thank You
    Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions
    Keane - Hopes and Fears
    Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland
    Snow Patrol - Final Straw
    The Streets - A Grand Don't Come for Free
    Ty - Upwards
    The Zutons - Who Killed...... The Zutons
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    I really liked the 'Franz Ferdinand' album. If you just haven't listened to it other than on the radio, I suggest you do. I probably would have gone with Keane if I were giving out the mercury prize though. Hopes and Fears is a great album, definitely better than the rest of the list, and I'm familiar with quite a few of them. Too bad elbow wasn't on the list, but I think that cast of thousands came out in 2003 in Britain, and 2004 in the states. I'm not sure how the UK responded to that album, but NME loved it, and I think its excellent.
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    Hehe, I've heard the entire Franz album. ;) I've had to 3-4 times from beginning to end. I think Scissor Sisters came out at around the same time, and think they're a similar retro deal, but better. :p

    I have Keane and think it's good, but not THAT good. There are around 6 good songs scattered throughout, although Bedshaped is so amazing that their weaknesses don't matter. Bedshaped = :)

    Snow Patrol's album is good too. Good songs scattered throughout, although they could have won it for 'Run' and 'How To Be Dead' alone. :)

    But yeah, The Streets was my vote.

    Never heard The Zutons, Amy Winehouse, Roberty Wyatt, or Ty. I've heard a part of Ty's big single though.....meh.

    I always thought the Mercury Music prize was one of those awards that mattered. Its really the only awards show I follow, and yet now they don't seem as relevent. Its too bad, because I used to think they were better than the rest. Now it seems as though half their nominees are quite poor choices.
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    As long as Keane don't win it I'll be happy. I think they are the possibly most annoying band to come out for ages. In fact I'd like the award to go to a band that NME hates because that's usually a good sign. I don't read the NME so can't tell if any of these is out of favour with it! :p
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    when since were 'The Vines' a British band?? :p

    I'd have gone with 'The Zutons', they're f**kin' brilliant they are... :D
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    Yeah, good point. :p I always think they're British, though, with the way NME hyped them. Kylie is basically British as well. You guys just steal'em away.
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    yeah, I'd think someone from New South Wales would know that. go figure.

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