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Andale Mono bold???

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by BEET, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Happy New Year!

    I'm designing a publication in Adobe InDesign CS2 and am using the Andale Mono font, annoyingly I can only find the regular version of this font in my font library, even though I have a bold version in Microsoft Word. Any body know if it's possible to find a bold version of this font in 10.4??

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    Is Word generating a fake bold from plain old Andale Mono, or do you actually have a bold variant listed in the font menu?

    The real bold version is sold by Monotype, and fortunately they don't want very much for it. link.
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    Hi, yeh you're right, it was a fake bold. Is $44 cheap for a font? The only reason I ask is that a friend said they had downloaded it for free from somewhere?

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    Do you know of there's anyway to fake 'bold' the font in InDesign?
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    The price is USD22 that if you only buy the bold (the Volume version includes the plain, which I assume you already have).

    It's not a free font, though I'm sure that plenty of people have grabbed it without paying.

    I guess you could add a stroke to make it fatter.
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    silly me. you can fake it using the character weight palette.

    thanks for the help.
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    sorry, i just posted my solution before checking your reply. yeh you're right. thanks iMeowbot.

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