Android Event on October 29th - Official!

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mac26, Oct 17, 2012.

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    You posted 2 minutes before me. I think the MOD's deleted my thread. Anyways.....

    I'm hoping for updated Jellybean 4.2 and only the LG Nexus!!

    I am being selfish and NOT wanting multiple Nexus devices so that will make it easy for me to choose. ;-)

    What is everyone else expecting\hoping for!?
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    I'm only hoping for one Nexus phone as well because I personally don't think proliferating the Nexus line is good for its branding. Not to mention the mess it might be when it comes time to updating. Imagine getting updates out across five different devices? It would be a very slow, potentially painful process. That's without mentioning that the updates have to roll out to Nexus 7 and possibly N10 devices, the Galaxy Nexus, and maybe even the Nexus S.

    I also think in terms of branding, Google needs to keep the Nexus line simple. The Nexus 7 is the prime example. Super simple, super easy to purchase, couple of configurations, and that was it. Easy to brand, easy to market, catchy name, and easily recognizable. I'm honestly amazed by how many "average" non-techy people I know that know of the Nexus 7.

    Anyway, I'm also excited for 4.2 features, though I'm not expecting much. I hope they fix the few glitches the keyboard still has.

    I'm also concerned about the hardware if it is an LG device. Early impressions of the camera sound moderately better than the Galaxy Nexus only, but still behind current camera-quality. That's VERY disappointing considering the GN's sorry excuse of a camera. Why Google would keep this trend going is beyond me.

    I'm also hoping a 32 GB storage size out of the gate.

    C'mon, Google.
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    Nexus devices have always been about the software and not the hardware. It's meant for developing. So I'll be very curious to see what Google does since I don't think we'll see Key Lime yet.

    I've never understood why all manufactures just make their own stock Android experience phone. It seems like everyone prefers them. Then why a new update comes out then just push it through to the end user.
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    Hoping Jellybean 4.2 is mainly focused on substantial improvements to Project Butter and general under-the-hood performance optimizations. Also, I like the Quick Settings Notification Panel a lot, so I hope that gets realized. And if they can throw in the reported malware blocker built-in and several compelling Nexii devices, then Google's gonna have some great offerings.
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    Saw this earlier today, can't wait to see what Google has in store for us. I am guessing that the rumoured 32GB model of the Nexus 7 will be officially announced and released and also the new Nexus phone from LG. It is also possible that they introduce the $99 tablet that has been speculated about for sometime already.

    There is also the update to the Gmail app that was leaked a few days ago and pulled at Google's request. It has the much awaited pinch/zoom among several other new features.

    I am planning to buy a Nexus 7 so I would really like it if they release a 32GB version.
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    4.1.2 arrives for Galaxy Nexus devices today. After putting it through its paces, the keyboard is still glitchy. You can't erase pass a period, and it still misses auto corrections.

    What is this, the iOS keyboard?!! Heh.

    But seriously, Google needs to fix the keyboard. I don't know why they keep trying to make it like the iOS keyboard. It could be so much better, and they're in such a good position to make it happen.

    Luckily, there's Swiftkey. :)
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    Been looking forward to seeing what Google have to offer. Nearly everything has been leaked but I'll be watching just in case there are any surprises.
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    The LG Nexus as rumored sounds pretty entry level (8GB, No LTE). I hope a bigger OEM is also preparing a flagship Nexus.

    If it's Samsung I hope they move to the same screen tech that HTC / LG use.

    This is always an exciting part of the year! I hope whatever it is, is available on Verizon!
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    Im hoping for a new Nexus that has a microslot, a camera at least on par with the S3 and more than 8GB of space. The LG sounds ok but lacking too much for me to buy it. Therefore im hoping for more than one device.
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    Same here. Want to see if they surprise us with a different device or a line up of devices.
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    Rumor is that Google and Samsung are working on a 10" Nexus tablet, so it is likely that Samsung won't be making a Nexus phone this year. Perhaps the rumor of a Sony Xperia Nexus will come true?
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    It should be:
    1. A line of new Nexus devices (I expect at least two)
    2. More storage for the Nexus 7 tablet (this has already been leaked)
    3. Announcement of Android 4.2 - I expect an announcement but I do not expect a release of 4.2 because 4.12 is still being pushed out to Nexus phones.

    My HPSA Galaxy Nexus just got the 4.12 update last night and it is hard to believe that Google would bother with pushing an incremental update only meant to live on phones for a week.
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    I'm hoping for an HTC J Nexus Butterfly. Day 1 purchase for me if it exists.
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    It already leaked a while back, and seem its the same device that is tagged to be the droid incredible X for Verizon in the US.
  16. ChrisTX, Oct 18, 2012
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    I remember seeing the leaks, but the guy doing the video for The Verge said it wouldn't be making it's way out of Japan. I'm not on Verizon so an unlocked Nexus for AT&T would be sweet!
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    Technically (semantics) the 'butterfly J' wouldn't be ;-)
  18. 3bs
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    I'm glad I have that Monday off :D

    I hope it the LG Nexus launches soon but I won't be getting it straight away since I want to read some reviews first this time.
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    this! ^^^^^


    There was one rumor a few weeks ago about "project roadrunner" this is like project butter but for battery life! That would be amazing. Please do this google.
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    I dumped Android phones over a year ago but damn that HTC J Nexus Butterfly looks nice. Sexy design. HTC would be smart to bring that state side.
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    Though I haven't seen any size comparisons it looks fairly small for a 5" display phone.

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