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Mobile OSs Android piracy is so bad, you cant even charge for apps anymore...

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Technarchy, Jul 23, 2012.

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    No wonder developers love iOS more than android. You got fragmentation in one hand, and crooks in the other.


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    Yeah, because there is no pirating of iOS apps and games, right?

    Let's see. A quick check of Installous... And yep, a $7 game for free, right on the front page.
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    Yes, because NOBODY is getting Apps for free from Installous in Cydia :rolleyes:

    I tried a $500?(i forget if it was even more) app for free from Installous and you know what? The App sucked and there was no way to get a refund had i actually paid that ridiculous price.

    $500.......are you kidding me?
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    Here it comes again...
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    Please technarchy. Not you too. Don't become one of those stupid idiot mindless fanboys. I'll have to avoid all your posts because they are worthless.

    Are you 16?

    Such a shame... poor guy...

    You can do better...
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    I wanna know what this $500 app was...
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    I dont remember the name of it. I havent used my iPhone for over two years but i believe it was an app that lets you connect to surveilance cameras. Im not kidding on the price. I couldnt believe it when i went to it in the actual app store.

    I doubt it is there anymore but you can check Apps for tapping into surveilance cameras. It has to be cheaper if it is there. I cant imagine any fool paying that price for an App.
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    True. If it is digital it can be pirated, but this is just another reason why iOS is the developer mobile OS of choice.

    It explains a lot about the android demographic in general when developers dont even bother trying to charge, or just make their products nasty ad-ware.

    Infinity Blade was Epic's most profitable game ever. Had it been on android only it would not have been a success at all.


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    Who cares, there are plenty of Apps in the Android market that are on both platforms and plenty on both i dont use and you can get free Apps on both that are pirated. If i like it, ill pay.

    One thing you fail to mention is that you can get a refund on Android even if the window is small. You cannot on iTunes and what if your stuck with that $500 crappy App?
    Look dude, i know you didnt like Android for whatever reason...whether it be the phones or you not knowing what your doing, i dont know and dont care but you are getting as bad as Bobby.

    Enjoy your iPhone and small screen. Thats cool and fine with me. I dont care but who really cares about this topic. I sure dont! There are over 500,000 Apps, i think i can find the ones i need whether they cost or not.
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    It seems Technarchy cares a whole lot.
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    Didn't you hear, Technarchy is Apple's new toy. :rolleyes:
  13. Vizin, Jul 23, 2012
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    BS, thats your speculation. It was in the App store for anyone to buy.
    Funny you dont even know what the App was and your telling me this? :rolleyes:
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    Sure, people are... But out of all the iDevice owners, how many of them jailbreak? Out out of the people that do jailbreak, how many of them stoop to pirating $1 apps?
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    Considering all the kids in here who always talk about getting something for free to fix their phone they screwed up ...id say plenty.
  17. Vizin, Jul 23, 2012
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    When the last jailbreak was released back in Jan, nearly 1 million iDevices (iPad, iPhone, etc) was jailbroken in 3 days (source)

    iPad 1 not getting iOS6 while the 3G gets it, also installous and whatever they are using nowadays to steal apps.

    tit for tat. This isn't only a Android issue.

    also, 6/10 for making me reply
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    It probably was for business use, not consumer use. The app costs $500 and it allows you to view security surveillance systems - Sounds like enterprise stuff to me :)
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    Really? I set up surveillance systems as part of my job, and the app I use to view them over the iPhone cost about 5 bucks or so.

    Unless it's some proprietary viewer used by some achingly high end government contract type IP cam setup, or it's used to somehow break into the video feeds, I can't think of a single reason why a remote viewer app would cost that much.

    ...now I really wanna know what it is. :p
  21. Vegastouch, Jul 23, 2012
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    Could be that one, i really dont remember the name of it. It has been quite a while. There is another one in that link for $349. I have seen a handful of very expensive Apps though that were ripe for pirating from Installous.
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    Firstly, a large amount of those jailbreaks would have been from people who were just jailbreaking it to unlock it from their carrier - And out of those remaining, I doubt a big enough number of them pirate apps to make a significant difference to the iOS App industry. It doesn't seem to be a problem, unlike Android's App industry.
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    Should've read the other replies.

    I also found this

    ...which is just ridiculous. Maybe it was a huge thing back when the iPhone was new, and the developer never bothered lowering the price once the better, cheaper alternatives started showing up.

    Then again, it does encrypt the video stream, which none of the viewers I use do. Maybe that's why it's so expensive. Who knows.
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    The developer should have used the application licensing api (http://developer.android.com/guide/google/play/licensing/index.html). That would have helped them tremendously. Piracy is a reality on any digital platform, but the developer has to do their due diligence to prevent it also. Simply charging a low price ($1), isn't going to stop piracy.
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    the iPhone 4s wasn't unlockable back then by ultrasn0w back then, nor the iPhone 4 (well it was, but only in iOS 4.0-4.0X) when that jailbreak was released.

    You are probably correct that piracy probably doesn't make a dent on the App Store, it's still a problem.

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