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Anger over Panther-only Safari

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 4, 2004.

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    Answer: Yes

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    Things are getting pretty ugly.
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    Why Panther only?

    Does anyone know what is new in this version of Safari that could possibly make it Jaguar incompatible?

    Has anyone tried to use it on Jaguar?
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    Laslo Panaflex

    That is pretty lame that the new version of Safari doesn't work in Jag. I would be upset, it's not like Jag is OS 9, it's only a year and a half old, and can't run a web browser? That's pretty stupid.
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    IE can work with Windows 98, which is very old. Yet they cant get Safari to work with Jag. which has only been out for a year and a half. I just think they are trying to force people to upgrade to Panther.
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    It's ridiculous for Apple to spend resources on anything but security for Jaguar.

    I doubt there is anything Panther-specific which would make it impossible for their web framework enhancements to work on Jaguar and, if that is the case and it's only a re-compile, and weeks of testing, and thousands of dollars...they should just give it to the whiners. :D
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    Maybe they made the "most advanced OS" too advanced for their own programmers.
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    forget safari, why wouldn't someone upgrade to 10.3 when it's so much better. it's not like a jump from os9 where there were all kinds of application compatibility issues. back to safari, if it don't run your old op sys, then don't use it. i highly doubt that there are such huge differences between versions that you couldn't live without the upgrade.
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    As i understand it safari works tightly with panther under the hood more so than it did with jaguar.
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    Isn't Safari now integrated with and dependent on system-wide components outside the app? Could the answer lie there? Maybe making a version for Jaguar is a different task.

    Which doesn't mean it's an impossible one. Tell Apple (not just each other) that it's worth their while to update Jaguar Safari, and you never know what may happen in response to demand....
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    nagromme, you are correct. Safari 1.1 and 1.2 do in fact depend on several frameworks that are included in Panther but not Jaguar (such as WebCore and JavaScriptCore). If I'm not mistaken, Safari 1.0 (for Jaguar) bundles the frameworks differently than the Panther versions (since they aren't built-in).
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    I wonder if these winers are the same ones that complained about us G1 and G2 iPod owners complaining about not being able to use the iPod V2 software...
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    The usual whiners

    These are the folks who want free OSes, free Apple apps... who knows, free G5s?
    Clearly they have no clue that as the OS matures and improves, so changes need to occur in the OS and apps too and then incompatibilites result: the alternative is not to improve either- clearly that's absurd... or stay with what you already have and don't upgrade. Why they bother to complain is beyond me. Thank heaven's these people are not influential in the business world... it would grind to a halt in nanoseconds.
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    I have Panther, and I will stand up for the people with Jag. It's has nothing to do about wanting something for free, hell it is free(safari). It's about Apple updating OS every darn year. I've had Panther for about 5 months, and I dont see the so call 100 improvements and new features. They did the same thing to OS 9 users, and they are doing it to Jag. users. I say stand up and be heard. Because by next year, they will be doing the same thing to Panther users.
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    Guys, Apple is a business. Apple has to make money. Get it through your heads.
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    How can you complain that your operating system gets better, faster, and cooler every single year?

    You could always just...not upgrade! But then you're not allowed to complain about having outdated software. See how that works?
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    IE runs on 98 and XP, how in the hell apple can't get Safari to work on both Panther and Jaguar just amazes me.
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    But IE 6 doesn't run in Panther OR Jaguar! *@#! Microsoft! They're just trying to sell us their latest OS!

    If you want to run IE 6, go ahead and buy Windows 98. But then you'll have to use Windows 98.

    Apple is not Microsoft. They have different strategies and agendas. Microsoft sells budget OS for budget computers, so they have to cater to the lowest common denominator. Apple tends to cater to those who want to be on the cutting edge. You don't hear much whining about when Longhorn is coming out, because most MS users couldn't care less. Mac users are always looking for the next great thing, which is why people still stuck on the last great thing don't get much sympathy in forums like this.
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    Yeah and most Windows user have switched to Mozilla.

    Safari uses parts of Panther and this will probably increase with 10.3.3 update.

    Will I complain about some new cat OS upgrade?? No, I will welcome it as will others.
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    didn't apple explain, why it is panther only?

    at least they should explain why this is so.

    people would stop whining if they now there is a credible reason.

    i got panther. i got safari 1.2. :)
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    Please tell me you don't actually believe that.

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    There is one GOOD reason why OS X is updated so frequently compared to Windows: OS X is a newer OS. Changes and improvements happen very quickly in a new OS, and then slow down over time. The last "major" OS X update took 13 or 14 months. The next one may not even happen until 2005. Nonetheless, things are still changing faster than Windows. Therefore you are faced with choices--about upgrading or missing out--more often than Windows users. And more often than in the days of Classic Mac OS, which had matured (stagnated?) through the years.

    If you really wish for less-rapid OS improvement (which I don't) then you can simulate that by using older versions of things :)

    If you think browsers should be free like Safari, but don't care for Safari's system requirements.... pick a different free browser.

    If you want your money back on Safari, I support that desire 100% :)

    I DO feel the frustration that goes with rapid change. For me personally, the benefits far outweigh them. If every OS update is as big as Jaguar and Panther, then I consider that WORTH $129. 10.1 was not! (Oh... 10.1 was free :) )
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    Mozilla sucks, and it's not better than IE

    What parts of panther is being used?

    That's a personal choice.
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    WHat are you talking about.
    IE 5 works in both Jag and Panther. They haulted the browser after Safari because they said Apple would be providing the latest browser to their own customers.

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