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'Angry Birds Space' Reaches 50 Million Downloads in Under Six Weeks

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Rovio today announced that Angry Birds Space has reached 50 million downloads, marking yet another milestone for the popular franchise. The title debuted on a number of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, on March 22.


    The iPhone version of Angry Birds Space continues to top the App Store charts in markets around the world, while the Mac version has dropped to #9 on the U.S. paid app chart after peaking at #2.

    Article Link: 'Angry Birds Space' Reaches 50 Million Downloads in Under Six Weeks
  2. charlieegan3, Apr 30, 2012
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    rovio must be rolling in it.

    people will get bored of this one day.
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    Not really...it's the type of game most casual players can pick up, play, put down and have fun with it for a cost that is a fraction of what normal games cost.

    Model is here to stay.
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    I think they've made their money back on their investment with this one. Once this dies down, I'm sure they already have their next viral game. Crazy cash rolling in.
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    That's why gaming will be continuing on this iOS model for years to come. The base is just staggering and growing. Even consoles cannot match iOS distribution out there. As the graphic chips catch up, you'll be seeing almost all gaming, other then high end on tablets.

    Better to make a game and sell lots at a small price point then less at a high price point.
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    well keeps my daughter entertained
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    is this a game?

    I played the first angry birds (Free version) a few times.
    fun but the type i easily get tired of.

    not really into gaming i guess.
    I played Tiny Wings for a while but then stopped.

    but kudos for Roxio.
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    Game: a (1) activity engaged in for diversion or amusement

    I'd say...yes it's a game...and in fact is what a game is for most casual gamers.
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    Good for them. Too bad I blew through the whole thing in about 2 hours though. :(
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    Angry birds is the only game that isn't made unplayable by the lack of all physical controls, and the only iOS game that I actually play.

    I do wish Angry Birds Space was compatible with the 2nd Gen iPod Touch, can anyone confirm that it isn't? Or the opposite?
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    I'm not gonna make any predictions about this game or iOS games in general, but I love that parents who've spent $1000s on console games now spend 99c to keep the same kid just as occupied..
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    Yes, speaking as a fan of class-based team first-person shooters, Angry Birds is a game with surprising depth and challenge, and level design that you’ll really appreciate if you play other attempts at the same concept! (Which originated with Crush The Castle.)

    I’m a bit sick of it by now, but still... it’s a game, and was fun for me for a very long time! And cheap :)

    (I’m staying away from the Space version to protest consumable IAP: the change in the Mighty Eagle. But I know that’s optional.)
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    sorry, I should have posted it in sarcasm font.

    Yes, I know it is a game. I've seen Angry Birds everywhere now, from tees and towels to cups and I think fruit snacks.

    I've heard a lot of hype but never fell into it...well, with Angry birds that is, I do Draw Something.
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    It continually blows my mind that this game is still so popular
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    I'm personally sick of seeing Angry Birds everywhere.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Rovio and glad for their success but its everywhere....
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    I agree, Angry Birds is fun for a while, but gets boring fast. And the school I work at is even considering putting it on all the iPads we have so kids can learn about physics. But hey, as Prezbo said,

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    Amazing. Good for those guys!
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    As it costs $1 to buy Angry Birds Space, that's also 50 million dollars for Rovio!
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    I think Apple gets a percentage....so its not quite 50 million dollars, but still a lot
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    Do people really enjoy ads in their games or what? I was going to buy Angry Birds since it's all the rage, I figure it must be fun (I just adore Bejeweled), but when I read that it has ads in it despite being a paid app and I won't stand for ads in paid apps. No thanks. It apparently doesn't bother 50 million other people, though.
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    I've considered making an Angry Birds with an AP Physics spin to it... The same basic concept, but add in precise numbers so you can break out some pen and paper to do calculations to find the perfect move. Obviously the goal is to learn but have some fun at the same time.

    (You can do it with non-physical projectiles, too... You could demonstrate electrostatics by shooting electrons from a cannon or something... IDK... Is it worth pursuing?)
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    does that 50mil also include the driod downloads?
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    Bernard SG

    What annoys me with Rovio (and many other iOS games developpers) is that I have to pay twice if I want the iPad HD version and the iPhone version. Very uncool.

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