Angry God sent storms, mayor of New Orleans says

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by leekohler, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Yeah, I'm sure Dr. King would approve of reserving New Orleans for the "chocolate" folk.
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    While I bristle at the references to what "God" and "MLK" apparently believe - I do think he has some good points.

    It is true that the most heavily damaged areas were the poorer, mostly black neighborhoods (iirc), and there is a great potential for any rebuild to make that property too valuable for the same people to resettle.

    I do also get his point about the unneccesary in-fighting and fracturization of the black community - politically and otherwise - and how that can only hurt their collective interests.

    Shame the way he chose to package his insights - and the comments about Iraq seem totally unnecessary.

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    More proof that God actually hates Republicans and Christians. Die believers!! :mad:
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    No, he jsut hates black people, because, you know, they caused the war in Iraq.

    Yeah, I'm with lee k. This mayor was awesome when he was yelling and ranting about the aid in the south, but now, he's just a black Pat Robertson. Next he'll be saying "WE SHOULD KILL THE PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA! PLEASE DONATE YOUR MONEY, AND IF POSSIBLE YOUR BABIES TO EAT!!!!!"
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    Wait.. are we talking about god or george bush?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Its pretty sad that in the year 2006 we blame God for hurricanes,earthquakes,floods etc. Maybe we should blame global warming but George & Republican money lovers insists there is no such thing, just keep polluting and Pay no attention to the strongest hurricane season on record.:rolleyes:
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    I agree completely.

    He does make some points and Bill Cosby has also been on a crusade to get black people to stop hurting each other.

    Now, Nagin goes and sounds all whacko when he could have really rallied his people, just like Bill Cosby has alienated the black people by telling them to stop naming their children made up names and stop blaming the white people.
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    Sorry- I could care less about your good points when you're nuts.
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    *cringes at poor grammar*

    As far as I care, Mr. Nagin is fresh out of any credibility at this point.

    Anyone else think it is ironic that a "black unifaction" statement is released on a day that they celebrate a leader of the movement towards their civil rights?

    Ray Nagin, you may now hit yourself on the forehead and say "Duh!"
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    Someone who is not nuts then should take up the cause. The black people in this nation need another Martin Luther King Jr. Someone to empower the poorest people in the poorest neighborhoods (black or white) to stop the blame game, stop hurting each other and to make something of themselves.
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    We could all use another Martin Luther King Jr.
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    Point taken.

    I have to wonder, however, if these seemingly bizarre statements are somehow designed for a specific audience or purpose.

    Offhand, I do not know the religious or political orientation of the larger voting blocks of NO - but perhaps this may have appealed to some.

    Or perhaps it was designed merely to get attention on NO once again.

    I would think that you'd have to be fairly clever and/or shrewd to make it in an environment like Louisiana politics.

    Or the hard months have finally made Nagin crack...

    Just trying to make sense of it all, I guess...
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    Mayor Naglin, let me introduce you to Pat Robertson. Oh, wait, you've already been to the same brainwashing clinic!
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    Perhaps he should have rephrased those statements. Ah well, I'm sure the neocons will jump all over it. And people will forget that just because he's a nutjob, that doesn't make Bush any less incompetant.

    Hopefully, come next election, they'll both have better people replacing them.
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    Personally I blame Ray Nagin for Pat Robertson.

    While I don't think Nagin meant it exactly the way it came out, seriously... have some Creole seasoning with your other foot.
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    There is outrage here in New Orleans area because of what Nagin said yesterday. I was a supporter of him and his reform, but this was too much. I was watching his address live when he stated, "God told me New Orleans will be a chocolate city and that's how He wants it."
    I was rollling on the floor.
    Then he came back with apologies of somekind involving "mixing chocolate and milk and you still get chocolate."
    I listened to the local radio station with all the pissed people calling in later and he's not on good terms. "If Nagin is a fortune teller, then ask him to tell us when we'll get our FEMA trailer."

    He apologized once again a few minutes ago on the 10pm news.:rolleyes:
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    Thomas Veil

    I winced when I heard Nagin say that.

    When are we gonna stop blaming a supposedly pissed-off God for everything?
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    What the hell is up with the "chocolate people" crap? his mother is so proud.

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    It was VERY awkward, considering there was a white man standing in back of him!

    It was just in recent years that the black population has come close to the whites. If you said this thirty years ago, people would have pulled a Rosa Parks on him.
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    I hope they dont pull a KKK on him. I know the white guy behind him did a Mike Mayers double take.

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    Mayor Nagin.....
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    I thought it was pretty funny.
    I don't know his background but it seems to me that he let the "bro' man" part of him peek through.
    When you are in a position like he is, you have to remember that you are
    to a certain degree, a figurehead as well as a leader.
    He made himself look like a buffoon. No way around it.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    The Mayor didnt help things with his chocolate new orleans remark. This guy had no clue of what to do before the hurricane. He is as much to blame for the lack of planning as the governor and the federal govt. Kick them all out is the answer. Blaming God for the hurricane and chocolate new orleans remark is enough reason to give him the boot.
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    This is a new tactic by the mayor in his efforts to rebuild the city.

    Nagin has resorted to speaking in Robertsonese in a desperate attempt to get George Bush and the neocons running the White House to listen to him.

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