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    Okay here's the deal: my old Animal Crossing thread got shut down because of people being stupid and posting "EyE AdDeD U!!!1! AdD Mii!!1! OMGLOLROFL!!!!!1WTF?!!!11!"

    In this thread, you have ONE POST to write your name, town name, friend code, fruit (if you get new fruit down the line, edit your first post, do not create a new post!), and AIM name. If you want to let someone know that you added them and to add you, then PM them or get them on AIM. DO NOT post anything other than your information and only post it once. If you do post useless crap other than your info or post a bunch of times (this mainly means you, Corky), the moderators are going to see it and will go ahead and shut this down. And I hope they do if it gets as stupid and childish as the last one did. Just because we're playing a game for little kids doesn't mean we need to be schoolgirls about it. :)

    My information has changed (it used to be Daniel, so delete that one from your DS), so take note.
    Name: Dan
    Town Name: Big Sur
    Friend Code: 4080-9937-5209
    Fruit: Pears, oranges, cherries, and coconuts
    AIM: Letmecomehome

    Don't mess this up.

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    Big Sur eh?
    I am at CSU Monterey Bay. Not too far.
    Gotta get Animal Crossing for my DS Lite.

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    Name: Chris
    Town: Fortson
    Friend Code: 1847-6129-9229
    Fruit: Apples, Peaches, Pears, Oranges, Coconuts, Lemons.
    AIM: seenewdotnet
    MSN: chris/a/

    I think I added Jimmi a while back, but I don't know.
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    Town: Trenton
    Friend Code: 3179-0551-0371
    Fruit: Cherries

    Let me know if anyone wants to hook me up with some other kinds of fruit!
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    my friend code

    my friend code is: 412396030668

    my friend name is rusty

    my town is : jamaica

    i only have apples i restarted my game to start again so can people help me please with money and items please
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    i need to get out!!

    my name is stephanie and i need to get out of my town and visit other people. Problem is, i only know one other person who has this game. HELP!!!:eek:

    my friend code is: 3608-6653-6290
    my town: spaztown
    fruit: peaches for now, but soon cherries and coconuts (trees take to long to grow)

    P.S. how can i make my town a little more fun?
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    Sorry Steph, but I sold the game a long time ago, I believe some people on here still play though.

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    Who here has the game Animal Crossing Wild World on DS?

    Hey i need help on Animal Crossing Wild World DS game.:confused: I need some more friend codes or some visitors or something... Please come into my town.:eek: My town gate will be open until 8:00pm tonight.:) Here are my details to come in:

    Name: Odas

    Town: Werdle

    Friend Code: 5111-9807-8938

    Please come in! I really need a friend to play with!:)
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    Name: Avenger
    Town: ArmyCity
    Friend Code: 2448-7549-7747
    Fruit: Apples, Peaches, Pears, Oranges, Coconuts (I have Cherries also, I just don't plant them since they're my native fruit)

    I'm more than willing to help anybody out, just let me know via PM or instant messaging as BurtonCCC wrote in his initial post/thread starter.
  10. bjm
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    friend code

    hi dan my name is bradley and im giving you my friend code. ive already added you . im from australia!

    name: bradley
    animal crossing name: bj
    town: nerang
    friend code: 5455-5779-2694
    fruit: apples and coconuts!
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    Omg My Cousin Has been messing about with my name and Email lol, Mistake this Post
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    friend code:25780206
    town name:southamp
    Person name:kirsten
    sorry i cant tell you anything else
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    friend code: 3737 6780 8186
    Town name: Nelma
    Person name: Koichi
    fruit: cherry only
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    Name- Aida
    Code- 3952-4775-1018
    Town- Venice
    Fruit- Apples (so far)
    AIM- iLyss17

    IM me or something if you'd like me to open up my gates so you can visit ^-^

    Oh, and is it alright if I add everyone in here?
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    Name: (heart)Kizzy(heart)
    Town Name: Milton
    Friend Code: 3651-8378-5895
    AIM: kizzmeistahlr
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    my friend code

    my friend code for animal crossing ds is

    Name: maggie
    Town Name: andover
    Friend Code: 249-2203-44462
    Fruit: apple
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    Just added you to my roster. Please add me to yours. Here are my details.

    Name: Jim
    Town: Furievil
    Code: 116076079535
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    AC:WW Wi-Fi newbie here :)

    Name: Eero
    Town: Munkka
    Friend Code: 5198-0390-1922
    Fruit: Apples, cherries, oranges, peaches and coconuts

    I would love if someone would come for a quick shopping-visit, so I could finally get the Nookington's upgrade :) So, if you're willing to help me out, send me a PM first.
  19. BJL
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    My Code

    My AC Name:Josh
    fruit: apple peach
    Town name: My Town

    I'm playing animal crossing quite a bit with my gates wide open [after 8:00pmcentral time zone to 9:00pm] as of now so ill be looking for one of you guys to visit:)

    I have these peoples codes so they might want to have mine koshypoo,Rahl,Rhyknow,Bot,tracey,Mack,Johan,Odas,Avenger, bj,Nelma,Jim,Eero,rusty

    P.S. I will have my gate open from 8pm to whenever [almost nightly] and it would be cool if you guys just played with your gates open so that way whoever wanted to come could come!!! just a thought. I have my gate open right now october 15th 4:16 central time zone come quick i will close it at 4:30
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    Fruit:pears only
    Friend code:2062-6910-4639

    who ever adds me send me details so i can add you. I also need some new fruits. I'll have my gates open tomorrow (hopefully) 6:15 to 8:00 GMT.
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    Yep i am new 2 :) ma name is Misty :p and i want some friends on animal crossing im GMT Europe time UK Scotland about 12:00 PM to 10:00PM <3


    <3 See u soon me friendz
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    um here is my code

    I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP .. the internet or whatever is good on the ds here, but for some reason when i try to visit someone, noooooooooo names show up on the town or name thingy and i already have like 20 friends codes!!!!!!! :mad:

    my friend code is 1547-3591-5235
    PLLLLLLEEEEZE respond i could use da help
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    Hey I am new to the game and would love to have one or some of you guys come in and check out my progress. My info is below:

    Name: Sammy
    Town: (teardrop icon)BOOHOO(teardrop icon) >> to get the tear drop icon, press shift as your typing and it should be one of the first keys where the numbers are.
    Friend code: 3608-9481-1587

    Gates are opened right now! 6:58pm EST
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    Morrowind Boy


    Please go to and request my friend code from there. I am known as "Goombachilde" on that site and I look forward to meeting you.
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    Not accepting any further requests now. Thank you.

    Name: ::Lisa::
    Town Name: Haxville
    Friend Code: **edited out since people do not understand what "not accepting any further requests" means!**
    Fruit: Apples, Cherries, Oranges, Pears, and Coconuts (all)
    Store: Nookingtons
    Items: All items now catalogued, so feel free to contact me if you need anything and I would be happy to order it in for you ;)

    If you add me, please let me know via PM, so I can add you to my friend list, as it doesn't work just adding me and me not adding back.

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