Animations in Lion.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by WeegieMac, Feb 27, 2011.

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    This is more of a general question, not a complaint since I know this is a very early code of Lion.

    In the main, Lion is perfectly usable, however when I activate Launchpad and open/close a Folder, the animation for opening/closing the folder is very "juddery" ... like the frame rate is messed up.

    If I create a new Folder, the animations are fine there, but opening the Folder is painfully awkward looking. I can't imagine my iMac being unable to animate a folder opening/closing!
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    I can only think that it's because of the blurring effect behind the icons. Mine is very jittery as well.
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    Yeah, it's the only animation that seems to struggle. Obviously it's a bug or some kind (not optimised?), but for some reason I was asking myself, "Memory/CPU performance issue"?

    If others are experiencing it, then it's obviously across the board.

    Ta much :)
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    I had kind of the same problem with windows going into and coming out of fullscreen mode. "Juddery" is a good word for it, too! Is that a UK term or something?
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    It dynamically renders the icon shadows, blurred background, and smooth transition effect which ultimately takes a toll on both the CPU and the GPU. Basically, Lion is suddenly giving the system a ton of requests for something usually reserved for 3D applications/games/etc. and the system has to rush to get these tasks completed, which ultimately makes the "transition" less smooth.
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    Submit a bug report. Should get that fixed for the next version.
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    I doubt it, if it was dynamic it would show the windows and icons below, and the blurred background fades in on top of the desktop, it doesnt gradually blur. Im sure its just a static image created when you change your desktop. The most dynamic thing it does is slice the image to be animated when the folder opens, that is what seems to be causing slow down.
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    If a phone with a 800Mhz A4 and 512mb of RAM can animate a screen "splitting" when opening folders, then I'm sure our Macs will be fine when the final release comes.

    It's a folder opening, not Crysis 2!
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    Well, Preview 2 installed.

    Folders are slightly better, but still nowhere near acceptable in how they animate when opening/closing.

    Maybe it's because it's running off an external drive and not my main system drive. Doubt that would make much difference to be honest.
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    On both dev previews Launchpad opening/closing animations have been stuttering, although it doesn't seem to have gotten worse. Hopefully this gets optimized for release.
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    Weird, it runs perfectly fine on my macbook 5,1 DP2.
    no lag, no stuttering or anything , maybe its a gfx driver problem?
    my card is 9400M
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    Launchpad itself opens/closes fine, no issues there.

    It's the Folders ON Launchpad that open and close with very poor quality animations. Even folders with two apps in them, created by myself, aren't fluid at all when opening/closing.

    No worse the DP1, but not much of an improvement at all. If any.
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    LaunchPad seems like its a work in progress right now. Laggy for me too.

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