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Anime fans: Evangelion Live Action Movie

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iMook, May 21, 2003.

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    ADV Films is gonna make a live-action movie based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Yes, that Evangelion.

    here's the link:

    Apparently, the CG will be made by the Lord of the Rings people (with the same Linux farm, I wonder)

    P.S. - I heard from a friend (very sketchy believability) that, of all people, Jet Li was going to star in a live-action Dragonball Z. Please tell me it's just my cynicism, but I can't imagine Jet Li as Gohan (his reported role).
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    wow, that could kick ass if done well. unfortunately, it would take a rather large budget to make it good. still, very interesting.
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    My big question is how they are going to fit a live action movie in with the existing Evangelion plot?

    If these guys can pull it off, I'll be extremely happy.
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    Re: Anime fans: Evangelion Live Action Movie

    I heard this as well, but I thought he was playing Goku. I think they should just do the characters is CG because they will look all wrong and their voices will be too different from the cartoons.
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    Ok, so away from Dragonball Z and back to the (much cooler) topic...

    If true, this would be AWESOME!!!!! I am enthralled with Neon Genesis: Evangelion. It's one of the smartest and most impressive anime efforts ever put forth. There are really too many questions to ask here, but I'll start it off. Is there any word on who the director/producers have in mind to play the major roles (Shinji, Rey, Auska, etc.)? God, this is going to be SO awesome. The fact that WETA Digital is involved in the CGI efforts only adds to my excitement! Is there any other specific news that you can provide regarding the film? :D
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    As long as we are on Animé who's hyped about the Cowboy Bebop movie? I can't wait for the DVD to come out. I have the complete series already.
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    Okay, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door was awesome. I highly recommend it. Japanese and English versions were both excellent. :D

    But as for Eva, I don't know. Live action? Is it gonna be english-based or Japanese-based? Plus, what the hell are they gonna do? I mean, any two episodes woulda been enough for a movie. Think they'll try for a triology? That's the only way I can see for them to fit enough story into it. How in the world are they gonna cast this thing? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head for any role. Any ideas for Shinji? Misato? Asuka? Or Gendo, Rei or Ritsuko?

    Weta is cool and all, but ya gotta have the story to back it up? Do you really, honestly think that something can be adapted into a two-hour movie? Which story would you tell? The beginning? The end? The arrival of Asuka? Sooooo much material to cover...
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    i've mentioned this to a few of my 'otaku' friends... all japanese, and they seem to agree that it has to be dodgy. there is some hope of savior if they keep it japanese, but with ADV involved, do you think they will? ha! yeah right. and even then it would be a slim chance of staying cool.

    adv sucks. gainax rules. anno hideaki is a god. WETA is the only thing good about this. i envisage it to be another spiderman. big effects (that in the end aren't even that impressive) dodgy actors and a flaky story.

    i hold a vain hope, but it's just that... in vain
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    eva movie

    first of all anyone who thinks Evangelion is a bad show can fester in a pit of bile, Evangelion is the best show in the world.

    About the movie. First of all if they do indeed use american actors it wont be like Matt Fricken Damon, its going to be a actor that isnt very well known. The story line cant exactly pick-up from the end of the last movie can they (for thoughs of u who dont know all life is destroyed excluding asuka and shinji). now where it will take place no one will know for quite some time, but if you find out tell me. I am interested about how the eva's will look and who will act. their are limited actors that can play the roll of a 14-15 year old child they could do like Marvel Comics using some not so well know actors to play interesting characters, which was very succsessful (luck). Lastly ADV is responsible for some of the greats Ex. bubblegum crisis. try this go to advfilms.com and get your head out of your butt (i have much pride and trust in my friends bro and everyone els at ADV)

    Yes the cowboy bebop movie is very good ( i would know I own it and have seen it like 5 times)

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    I think seeing one episode of pokemon like 4 years ago completely turned me off from Japanimation. Anyone else think similarly?
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    Ouch. That's like basing your opinion of all American movies off of "Muppets from Space".

    There are a lot of different anime genres out there. They range from the cartoonish (Pokemon) to the dark (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust), comedy (Love Hina) to action (Bubblegum Crisis 2040).

    I would recommend a couple of starters like Macross Plus, Ninja Scroll, or Spirited Away. Akira is excellent, but a bit much to start with.
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    That's funny as hell. :D

    Seriously though, Thanatoast is absolutely right. What would you think of American film if the only movie you ever saw was "Dude, Where's My Car"? Not too much, I'd imagine. Check out "Spirited Away". It's an incredible (and Oscar winning) movie, and an excellent jumping off point for the world of Anime. Enjoy! :)
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    I Agree with you both you cant watch finding Nemo and expect die hard to be the same way. Indeed bloodlust was a great movie and bubblegum crisis is one of my favorite series' but we are forgeting one of the best; AKIRA, made in 1988 most anime cant stand up to a movie like that. By the way, has enyone seen Mahoromatic its kind of odd but funny. (just think this started out as an eva movie discution now we are trying to convince a guy to watch anime).

    Until i think of more crap to say
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    I understand and I am not ruling out all anime as pokemon-esque, I am just saying that I never really 'got' anime. I don't know. And what do you have against DWMC? ?:D
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    Heh. I personally find DWMC to be absolutely BRILLIANT, but most of the critics disagreed. Then again, Zoolander is (in my book) a nearly perfect film. So my tastes don't really count for anything. :)
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    "its in the computer!" i loved Zoolander :p
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    "Me and my friends been swimming with spider monkeys in St. Barts. Tripping on acid changed our whole perspective on sh*t." Absolutely brilliant. :D
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    Zoolander was a great movie. Did they use a real iMac? If they did, how many do you think they destroyed in all of the takes of the movie?

    When it comes to Anime, the good stuff is rarely released in America. Well, you can find it, but it's never shown on TV. Princess Monoke and Spirited Away are the only really good Anime to become a major success in America. If you like really bizarre stuff, watch the Anime series Ranma 1/2.
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    Sean O'Carrey, Pilot of EVA Unit One

    I have been reading with some interest the speculations regarding the announced Evangelion movie. I have seen more than one poster express scepticism as to whether a 90 minute to two and a half hour movie could properly encompass all of the story and subtext of this infuential series. To be honest I don't think it would be entirely ncessary to do it all in one movie.

    My thought is that it would be wise to do it all in three movies, which in all honesty would probably still be pushing things, considering having to consolidate 13 hours of anime, but it would have a better chance of succeeding. I don't see ADV getting the upwards of 300million it would take to make all three concurrently, but if smartly done, one could make a first feature that covers the events of the first six episodes, using the city powered sniper shoot-out as the climactic set piece and hanging the dramatic hook on the burgeoning relationship of Shinji and Rei. This would still be an expensive enterprise, but since the sniper battle, and its two proceeding fights occur on a smaller scale than later angel conficts, money could be saved.

    If done well this film would still wow a general audience, who would still at large never have seen anything like EVA, and provide funding for a more ambitious second film, in which Asuka and the dynamics surrounding her would be introduced. I suggest saving Asuka for the second film not to slight her, but rather because of the fact that in many film series, the second is the best one. This film would also introduce Kaji and delve into the skullduggery around Nerv. I imagine that the A story of Shinji, and Rei getting used to their own personal Han Solo, in the guise of Asuka would parallel the B story of Kaji's investigation/sabotage, making this films climax be around the forced blackout episode were the three have to work together to deal with the suspected sabotage. Or they could go the Wrath of Kahn, Empire Strikes Back, X-Men United route of having a noble sacrifice, and squeeze in the fall out of Toji's maiming.

    One could then go on to a third film were all the apocaplytic stuff would happen. The mainstreamers would still complain, but by then the film makers could have three films under their belts, and several hundred million bucks in their wallets.

    These films would be retellings of course, made under the very sound impression that the movie going public at large can barely pronounce Evangelion, much less has any familiarity with the source material. That in mind, one can expect te story to be transplanted to the United States.

    They may age up the characters, but then again, no one protested Anna Panquin in black leather, so maybe high school girls in rubber can be gotten away with. But I wouldn't hold my breath on the ethnicity of the characters remaining intact. Remember that League of Extraordinary Gents just HAD to have Tom Sawyer, just to have an American around. I would expect in the EVA movie to be introduced to Sean O'Carrey and his estranged father Glenn, who is secretly carrying on a love affair with sexy computer genius Rita Akison, all the while pining for the lovely, mysterious Ray Irritum.

    You know as I wrote that last paragraph, I lost a bit of my optimism, but I will still say that EVA could be made int a good series of films if the powers that be choose to be conservative and try not to put the kitchen sink into their first effort. I would warn the purist however that compromises will be made in any case. That would guarantee that the film will be bad.

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