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Phones Annnnd it's official... I've jumped right in

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Chodite, May 2, 2013.

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    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn't belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    First Android device ever. Been rocking iOS since iPhone 3G. Someone hold me, please.

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    Hope the learning curve is doable for you.

    I don't know whay, but the S4 looks really good in that pic. DON'T make me want one! :p

    Good luck!
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    great combo
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    Don't worry - its zoomed out. You can't see the cheapness of the plastic and fake metal banding! ;)

    But seriously.....
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    Dr McKay

    Welcome to the club. I got my S4 2 days ago, its my 2nd Android phone. The first being the Nexus 4.

    The screen is gorgeous, I like the plastic honestly, my Nexus 4 scratched so easily, as did my iPhone 5. My only complaint so far is that it does sometimes stutter on animations. When a stock Jelly Bean ROM Congress it for it, I'll be temped to stick it on.
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    I know that feel bro. It's a bit strange this side of the fence after using iOS for so long.
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    6 more days for me haha. Figured I'd use my upgrade which comes next week.
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    Props on taking the plunge. Best of luck!
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    Dude, get a grip, it's just a phone man, and a better one than your previous, but still just a smartphone in the grand scheme of the universe.
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    Not sure what Tig Bitties is on about, but I'm in the exact same boat as you. Except I went with the HTC One as my first non-iOS phone since the 3G. It's a different experience, but I'm digging it so far.

    Good luck with yours.
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    And "a car is just a car."

    I'm in sales. I live on my phone. My contacts, my email, my calendar, my reminders, my SMS, my apps. My life (mostly work life) revolves around my iPhone. Enough of the "it's just a phone" crap. Thanks for the valuable reply though.
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    That's cool man, just razzing you. I am also in sales, run my own small business, and I am one of the few people that still use a phone, as a phone :). Plus texting a lot, e-mail like crazy, GPS/Nav, etc...my Nexus 4 rocks, no way I could still live with the outdated iPhone.

    Just get tired of people making huge deal leaving iPhone to another brand. I say its about time, what took you so long ? I left Apple after the crappy iPhone 3Garbage went to the Nexus-S, haven't looked back since, owning all three Nexus phones, never once missing iOS.

    Glad you made the move, smart decision.
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    At the end of the day, I'm a gadget geek. And I've grown tired of iOS and my iPhone. Great freakin phone, but been there/done that. Android was the unknown for me and I've been having a blast tinkering with it. I'm sure I've only begun to scratch the surface. Really diggin it so far.
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    +1, same motivation for change on my part and chose the S4 as well. Was incredibly undecided between the S4 and One, but it came a point I had to just stop thinking and pull the trigger. So far so good.
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    If you're a gadget geek then Android had no limits. I've been on Android for ages now, and I still discover new things that it can do.
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    Getting a bit frustrated with the lack of polish with performing daily activities. Ex: recorded my first video ever this morning. Then clicked "Edit", then "Trim" video and all of a sudden the screen goes nuts, displaying all sorts of flashing numbers and locking up for a few seconds. THEN, I upload the video to Facebook and, while it played fine on my phone (landscape mode), it appeared UPSIDE DOWN on Facebook! W T F
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    Apparantly samsung is already rolling out a bug fix update to address many of these issues. Hopefully that irons things out for you.
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    Android offers a good break from IOS.....still cant deny that change is as good as a rest......wonder whats next after Android.....and don't tell me Lumia
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    I'm not sure anything else has the sheer power and resources to challenge those two at the moment.

    iOS has the most profitable company in the world behind them (at least they were a little while ago, not sure if they still are), and Android has the company who pretty much controls the world's most trafficked web services - and in a sense is synonymous with web services and search in a collective way.

    I mean if something comes around that has the backing behind it to brute force it's way past those two then more power to them, but honestly I can't see it happening anytime soon.
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    I hope it does too, but honestly it might then be too late for me. Shame on Samsung for releasing such a phone full of bugs. Not a good way to sway iOS diehards. Ugh
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    The Game 161

    I'm joining the club too

    had iphone since 3G...got an ipad 2 too.

    get my S4 on wednesday and also getting the note 8.0 along with my S4 and ipad 2.
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    Day 4 on the S4 from iPhone 5 for me. So far, so good. Some quirky OS issues here and there but nothing major. Biggest bummer so far has been the screen in outdoor use. Very hard to see anything. Turning off Auto Brightness helped slightly.

    Just discovered DoubleTwist AirSync and am now streaming video and photos to my Apple TVs throughout the house. Pretty happy about that.

    Automatic photo and video uploads to Dropbox have been great. Though very bummed to learn that since I'm with AT&T, I am not eligible for the free 50GB of storage :(

    Still can't find a good way to set Reminders which Push to my lockscreen.

    Still can't figure out how to get text messages and Push Notifications to show up on my lockscreen.

    But all in all, looks like I'll be keeping this phone after all!
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    Yeah, AT&T opting out of the Dropbox promotion sucks big time. Especially when these companies are pushing people to use cloud services. But AT&T has it's own cloud app (which I will never use), so they're trying to kill competition.

    The reminders I can't help you with, but if you want texts to show up on the lock screen, you can try a third-party SMS app like Handcent (my favorite). You can enable it to popup when you have a new text and you can reply right from wherever you are without leaving the app you're in (or unlocking the phone).

    For push notifications, this is where Android shines. They allow status bar icons, so that's where you see that you've got a notification. Pull down the notification bar from the top and you can see what's waiting right there. Tap it to head to the appropriate app.
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    As always, thanks for the help. I'm actually a fan of GO SMS Pro and I've just downloaded an app called iPhone Notifications which show Alerts and Banner Alerts on the lock screen just like iOS 6. Works great.
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    I think that makes business sense.

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