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Annual iTunes Connect Shutdown Set for December 22nd-29th

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 15, 2011.

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    As noted by MacStories, Apple has sent out an email informing developers that it will be shutting down the iTunes Connect portal for the App Store over the Christmas holiday as it has the past several years. This year's shutdown will extend from December 22nd through 29th, two days longer than in past years.
    Most of Apple's corporate employees in the United States will also be taking all of next week off in recognition of the company's success this year, but the company has made no announcement about whether this will include employees responsible for app reviews and other App Store functions.

    Article Link: Annual iTunes Connect Shutdown Set for December 22nd-29th
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    Pretty unfortunate for developers, Christmas generally sees a spike in app purchases due to so many people getting new devices as a gift. It would be nice to have more control of your sales strategy during this crucial time frame.
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    God forbid people go home to their families and interrupt someone else's attempt to make money on Christmas.
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    God forbid you were expected to explain how something like a scheduled electronic price change would prevent an employee from visiting with their families.
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    Why should anyone have to? It's Christmas, chrissakes. Spend time with your family and focus on something that's important for one day. Maybe, in light of all the problems in the world, people you know not having jobs, neighbors losing their homes, even Mr Jobs dying from cancer, perhaps a little face time with friends, family, and the kids would be in order. You never know when things could go south.
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    He was just mentioning that doing a price change should not have to have human interaction by Apple.
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    All people have the right to have holidays.

    Happy holidays Apple.
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    And what if I or whomever gives a flying fsck about Christmas, chrissakes?

    I sure hope if someone spends some time with someone, it will be because they want to, not because a shutdown in a shopping infrastructure forces them to.
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    so does this mean during this period we wont have access to daily sales reports?
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    Exactly. Never know when something could change everything in your life in a single day. Oct 24th my wife was fine like every other day. Oct 25th she was diagnosed with cancer. Still in hospital since then fighting it.

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