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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by geoffism, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I have a client that wants to implement a blog onto their soon to be launched site. Basically, they are using it for internal use on a product launch, do weekly entries with photos. They want to follow the layout of this new site, and have one posting per page, a list of the past entries (standard blog stuff) and not have the eternal page/scrolling log of entries. Is there a simple way to implement this? I need not a "blogging for dummies" but a "setting up blogging for dummies"?

    And I see 9000 recoommendations for Wordpress on this site. Is that the way to go?

    Much thanks!
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    I have had movabletype and it was amazing, but there were just too many issues with comment spam overloading my host's servers so I went to wordpress. I am very impressed with wordpress. I am hardly a "dummie" when it comes to manipulating a blog to look the way I want it and movabletype was just amazing for that. It was basically php and css. Wordpress is equal to gaining the ability to change it the way you want it. I highly recommend word press.
    Also in the settings you can tell it how many entries to show. You can say show last 5 days or show 1 entry regardless.
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    Thanks jessica. Yes, I've heard that about Moveable Type.

    So, in implementing the Blog into the site, it is as simple as setting fields and tables to accept the data (text) from the server?


    BTW - I like the simple feel to your site.
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    I can only speak for WordPress, because I haven't used anything else. But as far as having only 1 entry per page it is really easy. In the Options section of the Admin stuff there is a section for Reading. In there there is an option for show at the most x number of posts. Just set that to 1 and you're golden.
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    What kgarner said.

    But firstly you will need to check if your host meets the minimum requirements for WordPress (all pretty standard stuff).

    I use WP and have no hesitation in recommending it.
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    Rock on. Thanks guys (and gals).

    Wordpress look fairly simple and should fit the bill.

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    Chip NoVaMac

    Let me guess that those of on .Mac don't meet these requirements.

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