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another apple "Tablet" photo, I like this one for some unknown reason

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Intense, Sep 21, 2009.

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    There must be tons of mock-ups of this apple "tablet" rumor. This one seems sweet and that base where the screen docks looks mentally intriguing to me ... [​IMG] Wadda'ya'tHINK ?
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    um, this was a picture of the 13.3 inch macbook pro which was chopped at the bottom to make it look like a tablet. ahum, hence the little tab to open the lid at the bottom.
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    FAIL :eek:
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    As always, I love visual rumors,,,,and this one is good
    thank you!
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    Nice picture, but the tablet must be ultra-portable, which means 400 g or so and pocketable if possible. Or else several models with different weights and sizes. That would rock. Full Mac OS X inside (touch interface) with video-out and USB ports for the ultimate videopresentation tool using NATIVE Keynote and PowerPoint files.

    More pictures:
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    Looks to me like an image showing how big a 10" Tablet would be, using a 13" MB and iPhone, so people can relate to the size.

    Very Good size i think, 10"
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    Here, take a look at this one

    Saw a guy with something like this running OSX. Not sure who made it. I have seen him at Starbucks before. Next time I will snap a few shots with ye old iPhone.

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    A tablet without keyboard is bound to fail.
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    It was probably one of these, which are pretty cool in their own right.
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    A tablet with a keyboard is just a touchscreen laptop...
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    There is another company that makes something like this I can't remember who it is, but once I find it, I will be sure to post it here. Quite interesting machines in my opinion, but the fact that it requires a touchscreen keyboard is unappealing, laptops should always have physical keyboards.

    My $.02.

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