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Another Cellphone thread...

Discussion in 'Community' started by iSmell, Jun 3, 2003.

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    Hello people.
    I'm soon going to purchase my first cell phone and I have some questions I thought maybe you all could help me with.

    I'm pretty sure I want the Sony Ericsson T68i, because Clicker sounds really cool and I've read a lot of posts on this site saying it's the best phone out there. Unless anybody raises any persuasive arguments for another phone, I'm probably going to get this one.

    I also need to choose a provider. The T68i is GSM, which seems to limit my choices somewhat. I believe AT&T and T-Mobile provide service here in New York City. Are there any others? Is one better than the other? I probably won't need a whole lot of minutes, free nights and weekends would be cool and text messaging would be cool. I don't travel all that much, but if one is clearly better than the others, I would like to know.

    I also need to decide where to buy it. Amazon has a pretty good deal where I get the T68i basically for free. My girlfriend just got a phone from a little shop around the corner and the guy there was very nice and helpful, but I'm most interested in the bottom line. Any drawbacks from going one way or the other would be good to know about.

    Thanks for your help.

    Cell monkey
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    I have a T68i and it gets horrible reception. Get a P800, 300 bucks from some places down in chinatown(look for the FOBs handing out flyers). It has crystal clear reception, and a ***** of features. You won't regret it. Also a good place to find good cell phone deals is the village voice(especially on the back couple of pages :D).

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    they're very slow too - a lot of lag between pressing the relevant button and it doing what you ask it to, especially when composing SMS messages with T9 - you have SMS in the states right?
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    I'll receive a T610 in a couple of days. Ill post my review here with pictures if possible. so you hold your purchase, from what ive read, the T610 is a kick butt cell phone!
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    The P800 isn't listed as compatible with Salling Clicker, which is something I definitely want because that program looks really cool. Slow reaction to button pressing sounds like it would get really annoying. I don't want to spend $300 on a phone, but hopefully that's not including the deal they give you when you sign up for service.
    I would appreciate a review of the 610 when you get it, Tiauguinho.
    Thanks everybody for your input.
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    I've had the T68i for a while now. Its a pretty impressive phone. (though i'm sure better ones are available now). I haven't had any problems with reception. The battery life is really good. I like the interface, and dont really find it sluggish. (its no slower than any of the Nokias or siemens that i've had experience with)

    All in all its a really good phone,
    light, good battery, good reception, good OS, and it's tri-band.

    I wouldn't get the camera attatchment if you have to pay extra for it though. I got mine for free with the phone, but i have hardly used it. so i wouldnt bother.
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    No problem man, as soon as I get it ill post a review of it, on how it works with iSync, the bluetooth things, everything!

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