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Another chat with an Apple "Expert"

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by AceFernalld, Sep 5, 2010.

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    On 800:1 contrast:
    "Me: I was also wondering if the display has the same 800:1 contrast ratio that the iPhone 4 does.
    Representative: Yes it does.
    Me: How are you sure that it has the 800:1 contrast ratio? (I'm not meaning to be a pain! :p)
    Representative: I'm not sure why it isn't listed but I did check with my supervisor and they said that it is the same."

    On oleophobic coating:
    "Representative: It also doesn't have the fingerprint-prone oleophobic coating like the iPhone 4." (I think she meant fingerprint-proof)

    On IPS:
    "Representative: One moment while I get that information for you.
    Me: Thanks.
    Representative: My pleasure!
    Representative: I'm sorry no it doesn't have the IPS."

    On super-strength glass:
    "Representative: It isn't made of the same glass as the iPhone 4."

    On 512MB of RAM:
    "Me: OH one more thing, do you know if it has the same 512MB of RAM that the iPhone 4?
    Representative: It doesn't have ram either.
    Me: It doesn't have RAM?
    Representative: It doesn't no.
    Me: Who's telling you that the device doesn't have RAM, though? Because all previous iPod touches have had it.
    Me: They need it to do things like multitask and cache web pages.
    Me: The iPhone 4 has 512MB
    Representative: One moment while I double check that information for you.
    Representative: I don't see in any of the Technical Specifications that any of the previous generations had RAM, the new generation as an A4 chip which is the processor, the same as the iPhone."

    Kind of disappointing with the confirmation (kind of) of no IPS (but honestly, when would you notice it or try to view your iPod at such extreme angles?) and no helicopter-grade glass. 800:1 contrast is awesome though. I'm still putting my money on 512MB of RAM, too! :D

    Edit: On dock-adapter insert:
    "Me: No, actually I was looking to see if it came with the plastic dock adapter piece that fits into many docks and speaker systems.
    Me: One of these: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC650?mco=MTg5MTY5NDA
    Representative: Oh I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, we do have one available to purchase, would you like me to send you the link?
    Me: But it doesn't include one?
    Representative: It doesn't I'm sorry."
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    Uh, the "no RAM" part should tip you off that this person knows NOTHING.
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    Higher contrast is inherent to IPS and *VA screens - both of which have much better viewing angles than TN displays. *VA tend to have the very best black levels, while IPS has the best color reproduction of all LCD types. If the display has the poor viewing angles seen in the engadget video, I'm doubting that it has an 800:1 contrast ratio. I wouldn't believe anything that rep said after that ram comment.

    I'm going to guess the iPod has a 300:1 or 400:1 ratio. 800:1 is really doubtful.
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    Lol @ silly apple employees
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    No RAM? So all iPod Touches are going to basically portable versions of the Apple BSOD? silly apple employee.
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    I know Wikipedia is not the most reliable place on earth, but it does say that it has the 800:1 contrast ratio!!!!

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    Gotta remember that the CS reps are often regular non-technical people who only know as much as their training allows them to. I doubt IPS screens, contrast ratios, difference between RAM and storage capacity in a non-Mac, etc. are really stressed in the training materials....
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    Is there any way we can test it once we get our hands on the devices?

    I laughed my ass off at the fact that she said it didn't have RAM, but the other things she seemed to know what she was talking about, and apparently checked with her supervisor.
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    No real way to "test" it without a colorimeter, but you can eyeball it and figure out if the contrast is good or bad. You can tell the panel types apart easily by the viewing angles, though IPS vs. *VA is harder without comparing specific scenarios.
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    Any citation?
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    Yea, Joe "it looks like the iphone therefore it has to have the same specs" schmo.
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    Hasn't it been the case that the iphones and ipods have had the same specs (roughly) every year? If so, it is highly likely that the ipod will have an IPS screen and the 512 RAM we want.
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    The 512MB of RAM is very likely, however with the hands-on pictures over at Engadget it seemed pretty obvious to me that this screen isn't IPS.
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    The new Touch is absolutely a cool device but it does NOT have the iPhone screen. You can call it Retina or not, I don't care. They are different. I would love to be wrong on this one. :D

    I am HOPING that the 512GB of RAM rumor is true. Fingers are crossed!!!!!!!!!
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    We'll your going to be disappointed then. There is no way the iPod touch will have 512GB RAM. Maybe in 8-10 years but not this year.
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    Remember it's called "memory" not RAM now. As I am reminded in many retail outlets I go to.
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    ^Actually, the terms are often interchangeable. RAM just means random access memory.
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    RAM = Random Access Memory. Both terms are acceptable

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