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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by krossfyter, Jan 18, 2002.

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    sorry but I have to ask...really.

    Im new to these guys story and or relationship. I just saw Pirates of Silcon Valley....and I am researching all I can about thier story including Apple Inc and Microsoft. I know a lot of you all out there know a lot in this area as I have been reading most threads on these boards realting to this. I have learned quite a bit from the thought expressed here by all sides.

    My question to you all is...where can I learn the most about this...the real truth (if any) or close to it....if its possible. I hear different sides between the relationships by these two men and thier companies. Im having trouble deciding whos closer to the truth though. Like for example the whold deal about Jobs comming back and lifting Apple out of a possible collapse...some say it was Gates that helped them..some say they already had money in the reserves so they did not need money from Gates...etc. etc.

    Help a little if you all dont mind. Thanks.
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    The Internet is not the kind of place you want to be when you want to research on that kinda stuff...

    I did all my "mac homework" using various books... I read some old ones like from '94 for the truth of the olden times, and newer ones for how Steve came back and became a hero...

    Its all in the books.. guess its time to get off that computer and go to the bookstore :p

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    Yeah I hear ya.

    Problem is I cant find any books. Got any in mind?
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    Mac Books

    My favorite "old times" Mac book is The Mac Bathroom Reader - By Owen W. Linzmayer.... its really nice... gives all the info about Apple prior to '94, along with some humor too.

    As for the "new age" mac stories, I heard most of them from my friend (he's a great story teller :) ) so I dont remember what books I read....

    I don't know.... look around in the bookstore.... you're bound to find something....

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    Sure thing..thanks.

    I just found this on woz's web page...

    "Gates didn't give Steve (or Apple) any money. He traded a certain amount of money for stock that was worth that amount as part of a huge legal settlement for claims that Microsoft infringed on Apple's intellectual property (patents and the like). The reason for Apple wanting the investment was for the PR and how folks like yourself would perceive it. The whole truth was kept from the public for this reason. "

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