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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by blythy, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Hello all. I've been reading these forums for a good few months now, resisting temptation to post what I'm about to, but I really cannot fight it anymore...

    I've been looking to buy an iBook, or possibly PowerBook for the past 4 months. I'm a web-designer and have an eMac at home, but I'm looking for a portable to run Macromedia Studio and Creative Suite. I've been waiting patiently for the apparant updates to the iBook range, and like many, have been largely dissapointed.

    I realise there is probably a million threads relating to this, unfortunately, none of them are instantly jumping out at me (well, it's nearly the weekend...). So, er, sorry.

    I'd like to know if anyone can shed any light on the situation, I realise there's plenty of rumors about - but I'd be greatful for any info or advice.

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    Hopefully, the iBook with be updated this month. Don't buy one now. At this point, you just gotta wait. I'm waiting on a new one and so are a lot of other people around here.
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    If you look at the Buyer's Guide, you'll find that the iBooks are way overdue for an upgrade. So, I'm with bbarnhart, as long as your eMac is still working I would wait. Upgraded iBooks (probably last Rev before they "go Intel") should be out any day now...
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    add my name to the list of agrees.

    I too have been waiting for about 2 months and it's just far too close now to let patience break you. There will be an update soon because:

    1) iBook is the only line not supporting full graphics in Tiger
    2) it's way overdue!
    3) Apple didn't even bother updating the iBook page to say it's now shipping with Tiger. It still says Panther.
    4) Rumours stated the iMac, eMac and iBook would all get updated. iMac and eMac were so going by that rumour and the above, the iBook shouldn't be too far behind.

    I want one too. The "new iBooks next Tuesday" thread is a good indication of those in the same boat.

    Be strong!! Give it three weeks.
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    mad jew

    All good points.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the mini fall behind in this respect too? I haven't used one since Tiger so I haven't had any chance to check out any ripples yet.
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    Just to nitpick: I don't think the Mac mini either supports Core Image, yet...

    Other than that I totally agree... :)

    Edit: Beaten by seconds, again... :eek: :p
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    Hmm. Cheers folks.

    Looks another month-or-so of the waiting game. ;)
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    Mac Mini, eMac, PowerBook and iBook all dont support core image, right? I believe it's a G5 thing.
    Anyway - will the iBooks be updated? Who knows, I will agree with everyone here in saying that they are overdue, BUT, how much of a boost can you give them without them stepping on the toes of the PowerBook? With that in mind, an update, if any, will be quite minor.
    Put me down for new iBooks in July:
    • New fiscal year for school
    • New school year coming up
    • Cram and Jam?
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    Nope, it's a GPU thing. It's the mini and iBook and iPod that don't suffice in this case. :)
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    If iBook delays are due to PowerBook upgrade problems - this is yet another reason we should be pleased Apple is switching to intel. I hope they aren't going to leave the iBook (and mini even) a year before updateing them like they did with the eMac.
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    Incidentally, just to add to the list of things that don't support CoreImage...*cough* Creative Suite *cough*.... :D

    Getting a better video card will help CS, but CI compliance itself is irrelevant, isn't it? And I wouldn't expect a change in that issue until Adobe releases an Intel binary of CS...which shouldn't be for at least a year.

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